Why “Petals of Yesterday?”

I truly enjoy the blogging experience, not only the process of documenting my own “life adventures”, but reading the adventures and observations of other people. And I really enjoy having my blog on WordPress, since it allows me to personalize my blog and have it be a reflection of me. I mean, if your blog isn’t a reflection of you and your interests, then what’s the point of having one to begin with?

Many times I surf other blogs, and wonder where they came up with their blog titles, and whether it means something special or personal to them. I thought long and hard before I decided on “Petals of Yesterday”. Although this is a life blog, one of my main passions is gardening, specifically roses. Hence the ‘petals’ part of the moniker. My grandma raised me, and some of my earliest memories are ones of spending time in the garden with her, or walking to the nursery down the street to go look at the “forest”. *Grin* Their hothouse section was filled with all sorts of tropical plants, and from my 4 to 6-year-old perspective, it was as if I was walking in a forest. Many times I remember asking Grandma if we could go to the forest, and with a smile she’d take my hand and we’d make the short journey to the nursery to enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at the plants.

Some of my fondest memories are of being with my Grandma in the garden, planting seeds, nurturing seedlings, and especially tending the roses. The tactile sensation of digging in the dirt, hunting for earthworms, carefully sowing the seeds and seeing the new plants emerge are etched in my mind. Even more so are the memories of the giggles, hugs and kisses we shared, regardless of the dirty gardening gloves we wore, a wonderful woman passing on the love of gardening and nature to her granddaughter.

That to some extent represents the ‘yesterday’ part of my blog name, but actually it goes much further than that. I have a complicated family history, and I embarked on genealogy research right after I gave birth to my daughter in 2001. Through the grace of God and as well as a little luck, I was able to find my Grandma’s parents’ history, as well as my Grandpa’s, who died before I was born. I even found Grandpa’s sister, who was still alive, and made a cross-country trip to meet her. Oh, the stories she had to tell, and more importantly the photos…from the early 1900’s on. Turns out, my great-grandmother, her mother, had a love of roses. Pictures taken outside the family home showed huge rosebushes. A funny story had been handed down through subsequent years, of my great-grandma sending off for a “rosebush” offered by some detergent company in the late 1920’s. Her husband and father-in-law all had a hearty laugh when it arrived–a tiny cutting of a rosebush. Undeterred, she planted that tiny cutting and nurtured it. A few years later, it was that huge rosebush in the picture. Undeniably, she got the last laugh on that one!

I also found pictures of my Grandma’s mother taken at their home, and what was to the right of her in the picture? A large rosebush. Stories of mothers, daughters, sisters and nieces came forth, all gardening, all growing at least one rose amongst their many gardening plants–usually many more than one.

It just seemed fitting that the title of my blog should be “Petals of Yesterday”. My love of gardening, especially roses, comes from a long line of strong, wonderful women, ones I owe my very existence to. When I’m in my garden, I feel a kinship that stretches back generations, and it’s a very comforting feeling.

My daughter has just planted her very first garden of wildflowers, along with a few cantaloupe and pumpkins tossed in the mix. Seeing her little face light up with excitement as the seedlings push through the dirt is magical to me, and it gives me a glimpse of what my Grandma saw when she looked at me, oh so many years ago.

So, there you have it–the reason behind the title of my blog. I garden for beauty with my roses and flowers; I garden for nourishment with my veggies, fruits and herbs. But most importantly, I garden for the love of it, the connection with life and the joy my Grandma instilled in me. I only hope I do her justice as I pass that love and knowledge on to my own children.

I love you, Grandma–forever and a day–and my little one, surrounded with the same love, starting her own adventure.



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