The aftermath

I’m very happy to report that here in San Antonio, the most severe weather we’ve seen has been from the wind.  There were some homes that had their siding come loose, but not really any major catastrophes.  Rain?  At our house we have received approximately 0.92 inches…total.

Now, I understand predicting the weather is a hit or miss proposition.  Seriously, it’s the only job where you can be wrong more than fifty percent of the time and still hold onto that job.  It’s unpredictable, with high pressure and low pressure influencing the path of a storm system, moisture fueling it, or it sputtering out.  And yes, a category 4 hurricane perfectly lined up with your city is definitely a cause for preparation.

But…after a while…when it becomes apparent that you are NOT in line with the eastern bands of the hurricane, you are NOT in the path of major torrential rain, you’d think the forecast would reflect that, right?  Our forecast went from 2 to 5 inches of rain, to 5 to 10 inches of rain, to 10 to 20 inches of rain, to 18 to 24 inches of rain.  Each headline, each update, was more dire than the last.  Watching the radar and the intensity of the bands, though, it was becoming more and more evident that we were not in the path of the severe weather.  Yet, the headlines for our city still contained “Horror of Hurricane Harvey”, or “NWS Warns Against Complacency”.

For areas like Houston, or Rockport, yes, Hurricane Harvey IS a horror.  It is bringing devastating results from the weather.  San Antonio?  Not even freaking close.  Lay off the sensationalistic headlines.  Not just the local news sites, but  Seriously.  I get it that you’re jonesing for click bait, but THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR IT.  Report only the facts, just the facts, don’t drum up the drama, trying to whip people into a frenzy.  The truth alone for the appropriate areas is enough for that.  If you do anything beyond that, you lack journalistic integrity and shouldn’t be in the business…PERIOD.

Reporting from here, safe, in San Antonio.  Prayers to all who are TRULY affected by the weather.  For the rest of us?  We’re fine.  The news sites need to get a grip and get back to reality.