Seasonal decorating in Texas

I love to decorate according to the seasons, as well as planting my garden accordingly.  My absolute favorite time is Fall, when after the mind-melting scorching temperatures of summer I am SOOOO ready for cooler temperatures, even if I have to imagine them for a few weeks/month-ish before they finally appear.  Fall is time for the colors of orange, gold, cream, copper, brown, etc, etc.

I love battery-powered candles.  Don’t get me wrong–I love “regular” candles, heavily scented, but in a household where there are kids, cats, gusts from open doors and windows, sometimes those real candles can present a hazard.  The battery-operated ones offer the flickering light of a flame, the body made of real wax, but none of the hazards of a real flame.

I’m sure they are perfect decorations for up North.  Here in south central Texas?  Not so much as far as outdoor decorating is concerned, or a southern or western exposure in a window.

Here is an example of my battery-candle decorating, on the ledge above our front door.  I love the ones on timers, where I can set them to come on just as the sun goes down, and stay on for four to six hours past that time.


I have a Shepherd’s Hook just outside our front door, where I hang a lantern which holds a battery-powered candle.  My husband doesn’t get off from his shift at the police station until late in the evening, and I like the idea of a light guiding him home (note the slightly misshapen candle contained within–it was a replacement in the midst of hell’s heat).




Here is a picture of an original battery-powered candle, and to the right, a picture of one that sustained the brunt of a South Central Texas hell-fest.  Yes, the one on the right at one time WAS a candle identical to the one on the left.



Decorating in Texas has its challenges.  That’s why I am so looking forward to us moving when hubby retires–four seasons, a true Fall and Winter, and hopefully no melting candles in our outside decorations!



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