Gino’s East vs Mystic Pizza

Thanks to the manufacturing and shipping industries, we now have at our fingertips in our frozen food section pizza selections from across the United States.  I recently picked up samplings from the famed Gino’s East as well as Mystic Pizza.  Keep in mind these are frozen offerings, which I’m sure don’t stand up to fresh-never-frozen offerings from the restaurants themselves.

First up, Gino’s East of Chicago Pizza Deep Dish Sausage & Pepperoni at $5.98.  This is a formidable offering, a full two pounds of deep-dish Italian goodness.  I would give this a solid B rating.  The toppings are great, the sauce is great…the crust?  Not so much.  The crust is very grainy, like there’s a heavy addition of cornmeal or the like in the mix.  That graininess knocks it down to the B rating.

Next, Mystic All Natural Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza at $5.96.  It weighs in at 21.75 oz.  This one I’ll give a B+.  All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no trans-fats.  The sauce is awesome, the toppings are awesome.  Once again, the failing point is the crust.  The texture is great, but there is absolutely zero flavor–it is very bland.  As long as you take a bite that contains sauce and toppings, you’re good to go.  A bite of crust all by itself?  I’ll pass. A little salt, a little garlic, a dash of Italian herbs or a little butter would go a long way to elevating this to an A+.

It seems like every month brings a new selection of pizzas to our local grocery store.  Maybe one of these days we’ll find one that pushes all the buttons and rates an A+.


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