My view on recent events

In USA Today, there was a letter to the editor from Nadia Ahmad, bemoaning the recent ban on refugees by President Trump, playing the violin, saying “refugees from the current war-torn countries want to pursue the same American dream that so many immigrants before them have followed.” And then, she goes on go say “What happened to our American values? Aren’t we all immigrants after all?”

First off, what is so puzzling to me is the fact so many liberals do not understand the meaning of the word “temporary”.   As a review, temporary means lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent. The travel ban instituted by President Trump is temporary and allows for better vetting/security measures to be put in place for those wanting to come to the United States, measures that serve the greater good of the nation as a whole.  I value America and the safety of its citizens.  Do you leave the doors to your home/apartment unlocked at night, leave your vehicle unlocked?  No, you don’t, because you want to protect what is valuable to you.  Then why would we leave the borders to the U.S. unlocked?  Knowing exactly who is coming in is key to our national security.  Again, the ban is temporary. Review the meaning of the word. While you’re at it, look up the definition of “illegal” as it pertains to illegal immigrant, versus a legal immigrant. Again, President Trump doesn’t have anything against LEGAL immigration. For a history lesson, look at what screening processes immigrants to the United States had to go through in the 1880’s to 1910’s. Those that didn’t meet the criteria were immediately sent back to their country of origin.

And lastly, to Nadia’s query of “aren’t we all immigrants after all?” No, Nadia, we are not. The definition of immigrant is “a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country”. If you were born in the USA, then you are NOT an immigrant to the USA.

For the love of God, people, pick up a dictionary and learn how to use it!



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