A long time coming

Yep, it’s November 18th, and we FINALLY got a cold front come through, 66 degrees right now with a low tonight of 43, and tomorrow night it’s supposed to be 34.  Did I mention that I hate San Antonio weather?  I will be so happy when we finally move to Tennessee and get to enjoy four full seasons.  Thanksgiving Day they’re forecasting a high of 69.  Ugh.  Well, at least it isn’t in the 80’s or 90’s like it has been some Thanksgivings in the past.

So, what do y’all think of that election?  ROFL.  No, I don’t really talk about politics much, keep my opinions to myself, try to respect others’ beliefs while staying true to my own.  Let me just say, I can’t remember seeing as much tantrum-throwing antics as I have seen after Trump was elected.  It’s damned embarrassing, people!  People rioting–really???  Unbelievable.  Protests left and right.  Yes, we have the right to peaceful protests, but what’s embarrassing is to realize many of these “protesters” were bused in, and many of the “protesters” either weren’t registered to vote or didn’t vote.  And, the kicker, many of these “protesters” were PAID to protest.  Sorry, if you’re not local, didn’t vote, or are paid, you have no business being out there, period.

Seriously, put your big girl panties on, quit kicking your little heels, screaming, foaming at the mouth and throwing tantrums, and do something constructive.  Vet viable candidates.  Volunteer for your preferred political party.  Do something productive.  Get involved in a positive manner.  And don’t get me started on the media.  OMFG.  I’ve never seen as much spin, twists and outright lies, which aren’t hard to find if you do a little investigating on your own.

Like it or not, it’s President Trump for at least the next four years.  Let’s focus on benefiting America, moving the country forward, doing positive things for the citizens of this country.  Don’t tolerate criminal acts, period.  Leave the tantrum throwers by the wayside because that’s where they belong.


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