It has begun…

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the summer season.  The munchkin has officially finished her freshman year in high school, and her final report card shows all A’s and one B.  She was not pleased with the B, and I can’t blame her.  It’s a pre-advanced placement course, and one expects in-depth questions regarding the complexity of relationships and dynamics in the stories they read, not “what kind of tea did they drink at the luncheon?” BS, a question which counted for 20% of a test grade.  But considering more than three quarters of the class failed that particular test, I told her to consider herself lucky she passed.  On her final exam, a very difficult test on the last day of school no less, she scored a 91, so she was very happy with that.

And, she has started learning how to drive a vehicle.  Hubby has been very sweet, stepping up to the plate and taking her on her first few outings.  I have PTSD from teaching our son how to drive.  In fact, a good majority of the silver hair residing on my head came from those adventures.  He did become a more conscientious driver, but it took time.  Our daughter is much more cautious, pays close attention, so hubby hasn’t had the heart-stopping adventures I had.  We’ve already decided she’ll inherit my car when the time comes, and I’ll choose something that will be more appropriate for mountain terrain.

Yep, I always joked about it–I’d get tired of all the BS going on in the world and move into the mountains to live ‘autonomously’.  No more joking–we’re going to do it.  And it has begun…the process of culling the crap in order to make the move over several states a little less painful.  I’m a pack rat, always have been, and I figured if I started now, maybe, just maybe in a three year time span I’d have things at a more manageable level.  (Okay, I’m not holding my breath on that one, but I *am* hoping).  I started with my former office, which included a closet full of things as well as a filing cabinet, desk, bookcase, entertainment unit, etc.  I think I should qualify for some type of recognition for fitting as much crap into one space as humanly possible.  I’ve been working on it for two weeks straight, and I’ve gotten through about two thirds of it.  The donation piles for Goodwill, Half Price Books, the local library, etc, have been impressive, as well as the bags that have gone into the trash.  If I haven’t used it in the last six months, doesn’t hold sentimental value, doesn’t contribute in any positive way, it’s outta here.  Another couple of weeks, and I hopefully will be done with most of it.

I’ve created accounts on and Trulia to sort through the various real estate offerings, getting a feel for the trends, how long a property stays on the market, what the average price points are, etc.  By keeping an eye on what goes quick as well as what lingers gives us an idea of how the market moves and hopefully will lend an advantage when the time comes.

Since this will be our retirement home, unless we find something spectacular, hubby and I have resigned ourselves to the fact we’ll probably have to put our furniture in storage and rent an apartment in the area for a while, giving us time to find exactly what we want.  It took us walking through thirty houses before we found this one, and we don’t want to settle for something just because it’s convenient, especially since we want some land to go with it to be able to raise some chickens, keep bees for honey, etc.  We’ll wait until the munchkin is settled in college, then our adventure begins.

In the meantime, we’re planning a trip to Tennessee this summer to scout out potential places to live.  We’ll definitely do the sightseeing in Nashville for a couple of days since the munchkin is a huge country music fan, then we’ll head east to see what we can find.  It’ll really suck, though, if we go there and find places we really, really like, because it’ll make it that much harder to wait another three years.  Then again, I reminded hubby today how fast munchkin’s freshman year passed–three years won’t really be that long at all.

Until then, I’m harvesting what I can from the garden (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, thyme, basil, squash, etc) as the heat starts setting in.  We had a weather alert today forecasting a heat index of 102 to 107 this afternoon.  Tennessee can’t come soon enough.  :-p

Oh, and before I forget, the Legend of Zelda symphony was AWESOME!!!  If you’re even remotely a fan of the franchise, I guarantee you’ll love the performance.


You’ll have to forgive my less than stellar pictures–my phone and low light don’t really go hand in hand.  The theatre is absolutely gorgeous (do a search for Majestic Theatre San Antonio in images for an overall look), and the symphony had a huge screen in the center that showed animated scenes from multiple Zelda games as they played, as well as narrations from the creators of Zelda throughout the entire performance.  It is more than worth the price of admission multiple times over.  It’s something I’ll always remember, and hopefully will get to go back again in the future.  🙂



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