The garden

Back on March 25th, I posted pictures from the 24th of the new raised garden box with five small tomato bushes planted.  The seedlings I had planted were too small at that point to transplant, so I picked up the five plants to give me a head start on the season.  One of those five was a bush called Juliet, which yields oval shaped grape tomatoes, about double the size of a standard grape tomato.  Two of those tomatoes, sliced in thirds, will cover a sandwich, and the flavor is excellent!  So far I have harvested 69 Juliet tomatoes.

From March 25th:

May 6th, with the seedlings planted and before the torrential rains:

May 11th:

May 26th:

May 29th, ten Juliet tomatoes:

June 1st, six Juliet tomatoes:

June 2nd, eight Juliet tomatoes:

June 3rd, three Juliet tomatoes:

June 6th, one Fourth of July tomato :

June 7th, fifteen Juliet tomatoes:

June 8th, six Juliet tomatoes and one Mortgage Lifter tomato:

June 10th, twenty-one Juliet tomatoes and two Fourth of July tomatoes, as well as two A Grappoli D’Iverno tomatoes (Grape tomatoes from Italy):

The Juliet tomatoes are very firm, very meaty with a hearty tomato flavor.  If you can find this bush in your area, I highly recommend planting it.

The A Grappoli D’Iverno tomatoes, grape tomatoes from Italy via the Baker Creek company has an incredibly outstanding flavor, well above and beyond anything I’ve tasted in a grape tomato.  I highly recommend this variety.

The other seedlings are coming along well, Rose De Berne, Sioux, Bonny Best, Costoluto Genovese, Yoder’s German Yellow and Dad’s Sunset, all from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Every seed I’ve planted from them has germinated, and I’ve decided I am going to buy seeds solely from them in the future due to better performance above and beyond the norm.

Here’s hoping your garden is starting off, or going, well–happy gardening!


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