Turkish Angoras–miniature humans

There was a long road we went down before we welcomed our two Turkish Angoras, Blake and Angie, into our home, a rescue adoption in July 2014.  Doing research due to Ginger, a cat who had adopted us for a short time, spending the last months of his life with us, led us to the Turkish Angoras.  They truly are miniature humans in behavior, as well as canines.  I’ve owned cats almost my whole life, and I can say from experience they are one of a kind.  Blake is my chef buddy, having to smell everything I’m using to cook.  He doesn’t want to taste it, just get a good ole whiff of whatever ingredient I have in my hand, and he’ll patiently watch as I assemble the dish, cook it, etc.  Miss Angie is our little lady, the protector of Blake, working her behind off to befriend Mama Kitty, eventually ending up being best friends with her, etc.

Among their interesting attributes, they watch TV.  I mean actually watch what’s going on.  At first we found it amusing.  One of the things that interested both of them the most was The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.  They would watch, as well as try to interact.


We didn’t think much of this, until a few days ago.  As a partial reference, here’s Angie today sleeping in a shipping box with one of her favorite toys, a stuffed mouse, next to her.

Now here’s another one of their favorite toys, a stuffed horse we picked up in New Mexico as a peace offering when we went on vacation, leaving them in the care of other family members.  Trust me, this was a necessity.

They carry it throughout the house, but most of the time it ends up at the entrance into our bedroom, upright, as if it’s guarding the door.

Again, I didn’t think too much of this, certainly didn’t think about all the scenes in Twilight Princess with Link riding his horse, until the day I came upstairs, found the horse standing upright guarding the entrance into the bedroom, and had the stuffed mouse resting in the center of its back, like the mouse was riding the horse.  I stood there for the longest time looking at that, so shocked I didn’t even think about taking a photo of it.  Then the scenes from Zelda started flitting through my brain as I looked at the spectacle before me.

Nah…there’s no way there’s a connection…right?

We won’t go into how Blake puts his paw on my nose to wake me up in the morning, or gets my glasses off the nightstand and brings them into the bed for me to put on.  Angie walking on the treadmill with me when I’m exercising, or Blake sitting in my lap as I work out on the recumbent bike.  How they snuggle with us in the front room first thing in the morning while we have our coffee, and get highly indignant if we’re not in there at our regular time, coming to look for us and meowing until we get to where we’re supposed to be.

Nope…the mouse riding the horse is a complete coincidence…I think.


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