He trills, and here’s proof (kind of)

I have been trying forever and a day to get Blake on video trilling.  He’s a Turkish Angora cat, and when he’s “talking” he trills instead of meows.  His sister doesn’t do this–she’ll try to ‘talk’ to the birds but that’s more of a chattering, and I’ve had/seen other cats do this.  I’ve never had one that trills.  Blake is fascinated by the windows that look into the office from the living room, and he’ll walk back and forth on the buffet looking through the curtains, etc, and will trill.  You’ll have to turn up the volume all the way, and listen closely around the 1:20 mark counting up or the 44 second mark counting down.  He’s doing it before then, but it’s very faint on the video (the two louder ones are me encouraging him to talk).  One of these days I’ll get a good volume on him…until then, here’s 2 minutes or so worth of the little toot, lol!  https://flic.kr/p/rrZqcu


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