Still not spring

Well, we’re looking at a freeze tonight, so we hauled all the potted plants back into the tent by the side of the house and put the little heater inside.  Yes, one of my hair-brained ideas actually worked, lol!  Last fall we bought a family sized tent that was on clearance, and instead of hauling all the plants into the house when a freeze threatened (which took all free space in three rooms) we pitched the tent in the most protected area at the side of the house and put the plants inside along with a space heater, one that had a safety shut off if it tipped over.  It has worked wonderfully, even when the temps would fall into the 20s.  It kept the plants happy, as well as allowed us not to turn the house into a forest.

I’ve planted a variety of veggie seeds in cups, but since it isn’t exactly warm consistently they are taking their time sprouting.  The first one out of the dirt was the Sweet Tangerine tomato, followed closely by Super Sauce.  Today another Tangerine popped up, along with another Super Sauce.  I guess they’re showing off since they’re faced with some competition from the new varieties I purchased.  🙂

A pot of homemade French Onion Soup is simmering on the stove–a bowl of that will be awaiting me after I put in my hour on the treadmill.  Paying attention to what I’m eating as well as consistent exercise is yielding results; another six to eight weeks and I’ll be looking at doing some clothes shopping as a reward.  For now, however, the treadmill awaits…


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