A few observations about the Ebola issue

Obama echoed Frieden on Tuesday, saying that America’s sophisticated public health system and robust medical research abilities made it a long shot that Ebola could establish a foothold in the U.S.”

Hmmm.  My personal opinion is neither of these guys could find their a$$ with both hands and a map, but maybe that’s just me.  The “sophisticated” public health system?  That’s turning into a joke.  Regarding the hospital in Dallas, the idiots in charge knew the second time Duncan came in on the 28th that Ebola was in the differential diagnoses list, but they waited two days until the Ebola test came back positive before they started wearing hazmat suits.  Regular gowns/masks aren’t enough protection when dealing with highly infectious explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting, but that’s what the nurses were provided with until the 30th.  Those were supposedly the CDC “guidelines”, yet Frieden had the balls to blame the first nurse for ‘obviously breaking protocol’.  Yeah, bullshit.

In case you’re wondering about Frieden, here’s what was reported in the Dailymail:  “Frieden, said one (individual) on condition of anonymity, ‘is a fat-taxing, anti-tobacco Michael Bloomberg-type guy. I once heard him say trans fats were more dangerous than AIDS because millions of children eat Oreos. Seriously.’

‘This is the guy who’s supposed to be the voice of reason? Give me a break. The CDC is not performing well if you judge it from Frieden’s speeches.’

Frieden came to the CDC from his leadership post at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, where he implemented the Big Apple’s smoking ban in restaurants and bars, and fiercely advocated for trans-fat bans wherever food was served.

He also came within a whisker of forcing New York City restaurants to remove salt shakers from tables in the interest of heart health, drawing a chorus of jeers from people who saw him as an over-reaching government nanny”.

An article in our local paper showed researchers in our city who have been studying Ebola for 10 years in a biosafety level-4 laboratory.  They have full hazmat suits on when interacting with the Ebola samples, and there is a decontamination room where they go through full decontamination before they come out and take off their hazmat suits.  Have any of you seen medical personnel wearing such suits and going through a decontamination room before removing said suits?  No?  Then why in the hell is the CDC wondering why the nurses became infected when they didn’t have those kinds of protections available to them?

In other “you’ve got to be shitting me” news, a comment on an international site today contained the following:  “Some real info for you folks. My friend is a nurse at a top hospital in TN. They just sent her an e-mail that her ICU floor is the floor that will be used to hold up any suspected of/ebola patients. The e-mail said that A) they have to be fitted for a mask B) No hazmat/positive air pressure suits will be used. Just face shields, fitted mask and gloves. C) That they are to self check themselves for any symptoms. EVEN THOUGH it says that they can still visit friends and family and go about their normal lives.”

Are ALL the officials f’ing idiots???  They showed pictures of nurses in the gowns, masks, face shields and gloves.  Their necks were completely exposed, not to mention those gowns aren’t waterproof.  Any fluid on it for any given time will soak through.  On top of that, some sites are reporting that in lab tests, Ebola has been able to survive on surfaces for up to six DAYS, not exactly the “several hours” they’ve been vaguely tossing out.

I worked in the medical field for 30 years.  Even though I had no direct daily patient contact, a couple of decades ago they trained ALL employees, regardless of their role, in matters of infectious/communicable diseases, how to handle situations regarding patients and bodily fluids, how to report exposures, etc.  You had to pass a test to make sure you understood the training.  Now it seems like they just pass out a memo, you can attend optional training if you want, and the instructions are basically to go to the CDC website for information.

Fools are running the show, and it doesn’t bode well for the public in general.


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