A clarification

Regarding my prior post about the white house petition for the FAA to ban travel to and from Ebola-stricken areas until the outbreak is contained, I received a few emails so I wanted to clarify some things.

The petition is to ban commercial air travel to and from those regions, and it is only until the outbreak is contained.  This does NOT limit aid coming into the area nor does it ‘shut down’ a country.  Even if such a ban is put in place, it does not affect the military flying in and out, delivering supplies, setting up medical facilities, assisting/transporting aid workers, etc.  The petition does not ask to ban travel to the entirety of Africa, just to the areas where Ebola is prevalent.

Microbiologists and epidemiologists have said a travel ban is an intelligent move to help prevent Ebola from being spread.  They, too, pointed out that all one has to do is take some fever-reducing medication, lie about any contact they might have had, and one would be able to bypass any screening currently being done at the airports.

British Airways already implemented such a ban back in August, and it has not impeded aid getting into the area nor has it hurt their ‘bottom line’.

I am all for assisting the areas affected by this horrific disease, but I would prefer to do it without endangering the American public unnecessarily.  Officials are assuring they could handle and contain an outbreak–how about NOT having one in the first place?  Even if it is just ‘one’ person in the US catching the disease from another infected individual and doesn’t spiral down into an epidemic, in my opinion that is one too many.

If you are so inclined, please sign the petition to let your voice be heard.



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