I couldn’t bear to post it yesterday

RIP Mr. Ginger, ? – 2014

Mr. Ginger showed up in our lives in August 2013, but didn’t officially become part of the family until October 2013.  I initially thought he was a she, which was the first time I was wrong in my history of owning cats over the past 35+ years.  He was much older than we thought (8 to 10 years), according to the vet, and had digestive issues from the time he showed up.  After testing, treatment, more testing and more treatment, they came to the conclusion that he had an auto immune disorder which resulted in an intense, chronic case of inflammatory bowel disease.  He even spent a couple of nights in the vet hospital on IVs trying to get things under control, steroids, antibiotics, probiotics, etc, but it was a battle that wasn’t to be won.  We had an additional five days with our little buddy after bringing him home from the hospital the last time before he passed yesterday, a day after Moochie left us.  I told hubby and the munchkin Moochie went first so Ginger would have a friend waiting for him on the other side.

Even though he was only in our lives 10 months, he left permanent paw prints on our hearts.  I miss my cooking buddy, as he always was ‘assisting’ me while I was cooking, hubby misses his snuggle buddy, and the munchkin misses her sleeping buddy, as Ginger divided his time between her bed and ours.

To lose one is heartbreaking…two in two days is devastating.  So much more than pets, they were family.  RIP Moochie and Ginger.  We’ll miss you both always.  😦


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