A New Year

Ah, yes, it’s been a while since I posted anything.  I went deliberately off-line about a week before Christmas.  It wasn’t because anything bad–in fact, it was because things were going so good.  I cannot remember, since becoming an adult, having a lead-in to Christmas be so relaxing, so peaceful and so enjoyable.  At first I thought it was because I wasn’t having to juggle work with the holidays, but then hubby mentioned how relaxed and slow things were going.  The weather was cold, I was cooking at my leisure, a fire in the fireplace, etc.  Decorating was done, Christmas shopping finished a few days before Christmas.  I baked about 9 dozen cookies for hubby’s work, as well as 5 dozen tamales.  All the new people kept commenting to hubby they didn’t know he was married to a Latina, lol!  Nope, I’m just a stubborn white woman who can follow an awesome recipe posted from a little Mexican grandma.  We weren’t rushed for anything–hubby had taken the week prior to Christmas off, and we enjoyed the time immensely.  It was so Norman Rockwell I went off-line completely, except for paying a couple of bills online.  I figured if hubby was having the same experience I was, it was something we should really savor and enjoy.

Christmas Eve was spent with my ‘adopted’ mom, which she hosts every year, and we had a wonderful time, laughing and joking more than I can ever remember.  Christmas Day I cooked and served the meal around 2 PM.  I went with a ham from Cracker Barrel.  I couldn’t find a ‘plain’ one that was large enough, and I refuse to get one from the Honeybaked Ham Co since the one I got about three years ago was so salty it was almost inedible.  I don’t know why each year I have trouble getting a Thanksgiving turkey and a Christmas ham of the appropriate size–I want a 14 pound turkey, but they go from 8 to 10 pounds and then jump to 19 and on up; I want a 12 pound ham, and they go up to about 9 and then nada.  I guess I need to find a true butcher shop or rancher instead of the grocery store.  This year, though, Cracker Barrel had their hams IN the grocery store, and they had a 12 pounder.  It ended up being absolutely perfect and nowhere near salty.  The meal turned out great, and the recipe I found for Cranberry Margaritas was a huge hit. 🙂

Everyone was happy with the gifts Santa brought, and I even fulfilled a request hubby had for me.  He wanted me to get something for myself that was totally, completely frivolous.  Being a hardcore penny-pincher that was difficult–until I figured out how to combine the two, lol!  I was a pay-as-you-go mobile phone user.  I had hubby and the munchkin on a family plan, but since I rarely used my phone other than an occasional phone call and/or text, I kept myself with a ghetto flip phone and PAYG.  However, when T-Mobile went no-contract and dropped their fees so much, I found I could add myself to the family plan for $10 a month with unlimited everything.  That was actually less than what I was paying for my PAYG and I would get the added benefit of data, which I didn’t have before.  With hubby’s request for a frivolous present for myself, I went to T-Mobile and purchased a smartphone.  Yes, I moved into the 21st century, lol!  I’m still learning how to use it, but so far, so good.  I now can talk or text however much I want without keeping an eye on the time or amount.  I even have access to GPS, which for me is a GOOD thing–my sense of direction leaves much to be desired.  *Grin*

The munchkin was feeling slightly under the weather, catching the bug that was making its way through the school the day before Christmas vacation.  She didn’t let it slow her down, and I think being in such great physical condition due to being in Athletics (and young) helped tremendously.  Hubby is in contact with the public all the time, so he has an immune system the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk.  You see where this is going, right?

I was able to stay well through the main holiday celebrations, but I ended up catching the munchkin’s bug.  I am not in peak physical condition like she is, and I’m not in contact with the public like hubby is.  I can’t complain since I rarely get sick, but this bug kicked my butt.  Today was the first day I got up and around, and the first day since before Christmas I logged in online.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, between the headache, the congestion, the neck pain, nausea, chills and the rawness in my chest.  Heck, it got so bad, the CAT tucked me in.  Miss Ginger is different.  She has hubby wrapped around her little paw, and she acts more like a dog than a cat.  Last night I was flat out in bed and rolled over on my side.  The blanket pulled up, exposing my back.  I could feel the cold, but I felt too bad to care.  The next thing I know, I feel the cover being tugged down over my lower back, slowly moving up and pulling it over me.  At first I thought it was hubby, but it was slower than he would normally do.  By the time my upper back is being tucked in, I hear the purring.  Yes, it’s the cat grabbing the blanket with her paw and pulling it down over me.  You know you’re sick when your cat is taking care of you.  And yes, she sleeps in bed with us.  I told you she has hubby wrapped around her little paw.  😉

Other than the headache, weakness and being a little off balance, I feel slightly more human today.  The munchkin got The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare for Christmas, and I’ve been tucked in a chair with an electric blanket reading off and on today.  The City of Bones is pretty good so far.  We have a massive cold front moving in tomorrow, with the lows in the low 20’s and then the following night in the teens.  The munchkin pulled the rest of the plants on the patio into the house and then followed a printed recipe and is simmering a pot of chicken soup on the stove.  It’ll be a quiet evening tonight, and one of recuperation for me.

The Burpee catalog arrived, and my thoughts are slowly turning towards a spring garden and what we want to grow this year.  In addition to the tilled plots, we might try our hand at a small raised bed and see how it grows versus the true in-ground variety.  Until then, I’m looking forward to a bowl of chicken soup, snuggling under a warm blanket and reading a good book as this bug works its way out of my system.  Here’s wishing everyone has a fantastic year to look forward to.  🙂


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