A winter day

Okay, I know winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, but today was truly a “winter” day for south Texas.  We had an arctic cold front blow in just after midnight- -it rained, the wind blew hard enough to knock over the palm trees in the pots on the patio as well as the trellis holding the mandevilla plant in a pot, and the high temperature was in the 30’s.  In fact, the forecast for the next four days gives the lows around 33 and the highs around 39.  That is COLD for this section of the country.  I absolutely love, love, love this kind of weather!  My grandfather, family and his ancestors came from Vermont, Connecticut and Canada- -it’s in my blood.  *Grin*

So, what did my day look like today?  Kind of like this:

Moochie and Maki snuggling on a camo blankie.

Miss Ginger and hubby snoozing during a cold day.  (Yes, that is a cat in hubby’s lap.  She decided hubby is HER human, and since she’s a ragdoll cat she follows him around like a dog would.)

It was cold enough that I had to bring the lemon tree and key lime tree into the house.

I had a nice fire going in the fireplace to chase away the chill.

And there’s a 6-1/2 pound pork roast simmering on the stove that will eventually be made into pork tamales.

I finally tapped into my organizational skills, and purchased two Closetmaid pantry organizers.  Look, I can see what’s in my pantries–woohoo!

Miss Ginger, laying claim to Cat Daddy.  *Grin*

She has earned a napping spot in Cat Daddy’s chair.

In his down time, hubby is busy making sure we are well supplied.  His skills might turn into a second business.

And last but not least, my munchkin during one of her successful volleyball games.  She just found out today she earned a spot in one of the two elite basketball teams- -a HUGE celebration is in order.

I’ll round out this cold wintry evening planning out the Thanksgiving Day menu.  So far I have tentatively planned roasted turkey (20-1/2 pounds), smoked turkey (11-1/2 pounds), cornbread dressing, gravy, green bean casserole, stewed okra and tomatoes with bacon and onions, broccoli and rice casserole with cheese sauce, candied sweet potatoes, fruit salad, croissant rolls, maple pumpkin pie with salted pecan brittle and bourbon pecan pie.

Any suggestions?  Favorite dishes that always have a presence on your Thanksgiving table?  I’m definitely open to suggestions.


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