Our newest family member

Meet Ginger, or sometimes referred to as Ginger Bits because she’s just a tiny bit of a thing:

She weighs maybe five pounds, despite her looking like she has more heft.  One day I heard momma squirrel chattering up a storm out front (the same squirrel that lets me feed her by hand), so I went out to see what the problem was.  Momma squirrel turned to me and was bitching a mile a minute up in the tree and kept looking down the driveway.  I walk down the steps and lo and behold is this skinny, tiny reddish gold cat sitting at the end.  I squat down and hold my hand out towards her and she comes trotting up like she’s known me all her life.  The next thing Hubby knows I’m carrying the little cat in my arms into the house.

Yep, you don’t buy cats…cats find and adopt you.

She has all the traits of a ragdoll cat; acts like a dog, goes limp as an egg noodle when you pick her up, and is super long and lanky.  I even wondered if she came from the neighbors down the street–the same neighbors that originally had Fuzzkins, another ragdoll cat who had been viciously attacked by a dog, they adopted him and then six weeks later they bought a dog.  Geniuses they are not.  Fuzzkins promptly gave them the paw and came on over, adopting us as his family.  Ginger obviously had a family at one point since she was super tame, yet had been abandoned going by how skinny she was and was literally starving to death.  A good meal, some hugs and kisses later and we had officially been adopted by her.  🙂   What’s even funnier, she has Hubby wrapped around her little paw.  She’s a little lady, too.  Never bothers the squirrels, or the birds, instead will just stretch out on the porch or the front lawn and watch them feed at the feeders.  Her behavior has become so well known the birds and squirrels ignore her now.

As painful as it was losing Gizmo in February, I knew sooner or later another feline would make its way into our hearts and home…I wasn’t wrong.


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