The Blacklist

I can finally say, after a very, VERY long time, Hubby and I have a new favorite series to watch.  Although it almost didn’t happen for him, except I can be very, very persuasive.  *grin*

I watched the pilot for The Blacklist last Monday after The Voice.  Hubby watched it until just after the kidnapping sequence, whereupon he left in disgust.  Okay, you gotta cut the guy some slack.  He knows the steps of executive protection–it’s in his job description–and they made SOOOO many mistakes in the protection/kidnapping sequence of the little girl he gave up and went upstairs.  Thankfully I continued to watch the pilot until the end.

After doing quick research I found they were going to replay the pilot Saturday and then have the second episode tonight.  I told Hubby he HAD to re-watch the pilot on Saturday until the very end.  Reminded him that yes, they did it wrong, but it’s a TV show and certain things are done for theatrical effects.  The fact that the whole thing is a freaking chess match from beginning to end negates the minor missteps they make along the way.  Yes, it has major shadings of Hannibal Lecter in the relationship between Reddington (James Spader) and Keen (Megan Boone), but it is oh so good.  Spader makes for a delightful bad guy turned ever so slightly good guy slash WTF is he???

Hubby grudgingly watched the pilot Saturday, and at the end of it he agreed it was good.  So much so that he voluntarily sat down tonight and watched the second episode.  It didn’t disappoint.

We are looking forward to the next episode on Monday, and have set the Tivo to record it just in case we aren’t able to sit down in time to watch it from the beginning.

I love a good cat and mouse game, and The Blacklist is delivering it…in spades.


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