An unfortunate incident

Well, I won’t be getting much done today after an unfortunate incident last night.  It was early evening, we had finished supper and everyone was relaxing.  I had taken my shoes off and put them away while putting up the laundry.  Downstairs we have wood floors, but upstairs we have carpet.  While upstairs I stopped by hubby’s office to talk with him for a minute.

As I finished I stepped backwards out of the office door, then OWWW!  At first I thought I stepped on one of these:

The infamous sticker burr.  While this picture shows the bunch on a stem, you usually find them after they have dried and fallen off as individuals, easily carried into the house on a shoe, shoelace, pants leg, etc.  They look kinda fuzzy, don’t they?  They’re NOT.  Think of cactus spikes, and if you’re unfortunate enough to step on one, they don’t come out easily.

I yank my foot up and pivot around, trying to see exactly where on the carpet I had stepped just in case it wasn’t stuck in my foot and it was still in the carpet fibers.  What do I see?  One of these running away from me:


Here’s a better picture that shows the stinger of a Texas Bark Scorpion:

And before you go thinking I’m blind as a bat (which without my glasses, I am), the carpet upstairs is a sandy color so the little bastard blended in pretty well.  Here’s another picture I found to give you a better perspective on their size:  (I can’t imagine anyone willingly picking one of these things up, but to each his own I guess.)

I grab my foot in one hand while hopping around on the other foot and holler at hubby “it’s a scorpion! It’s a scorpion!”  Thankfully the little prick tried to hide next to a table leg, so hubby was able to track him down and cut him in half with some kind of metal bracket he had from a shelving unit.  (These things aren’t squishable–they have body armor).

By this time I’m sitting down on the carpet hanging onto my foot.  The pain has gotten much, MUCH worse.  The stinger got me between my 2nd and 3rd toes, of all places–yep, that nice sensitive spot where the soft skin is at.  It feels like a knife is being shoved in between my toes.  Hubby gets on the internet while the munchkin grabs vinegar, Benadryl and ice.  Okay, maybe the vinegar wasn’t on the helpful list for scorpion stings, but she remembered for a jellyfish sting it works good–she was definitely in problem-solving mode, lol!

We knew it was a bark scorpion, but it’s helpful to remember it’s a TEXAS bark scorpion.  Apparently Arizona has a bark scorpion that is highly venomous–not a good thing when you pull up internet information on a bark scorpion and the first thing you see is “…known as one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world…”  Hubby quickly realized it wasn’t the right scorpion, especially since I wasn’t frothing at the mouth.  😉  He finds the right one and I’m quickly treated with an ice pack and the Benadryl.  The next 30 minutes was borderline agony, and no I’m not exaggerating.  It was something between a knife being driven in and a nail, even with the ice pack.  The info said as long as you don’t experience any allergic symptoms it can be treated at home, and since I didn’t feel like going to the ER that’s what we did.  I can’t even imagine being stung more than once (scorpions can sting multiple times with that agile tail stinger).

After about an hour the pain had dulled and morphed into a pressure sensation, kind of like resting a ten-pound weight on the foot.  Assured that was all I was going to experience, I went to bed.  This morning I got up and while the pressure was gone, it felt like a pins and needles sensation in the area (like when you lay on your arm and it goes to sleep, then prickles as the blood starts going back through it) along with feeling like I had soaked the area in maximum strength Ben-Gay.  This can last 24 hours or so, according to the web info.

So, needless to say I won’t be hitting the treadmill today, and any errands I had planned will have to wait.  Sucks.  Hopefully the Scorpion News Network will get the word out to stay away from my house–any brethren will meet an untimely demise if I find them.  (Cue the music from the shower scene in Psycho)…


One thought on “An unfortunate incident

  1. Damn! I’m certainly glad you’re not in Arizona! Hubby had a run-in with a scorpion in Arkansas, although he heard it and was looking for the cause of the scratching sound. He found it crawling up his leg, he was able to kill it before it stung him…thank goodness.

    Take care, and take it easy today. ((((HUGS)))

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