American quality–an example from the past

Recently I was searching for a french fry cutter.  I remember one my Grandma had when I was little, and she used it to cut Russet potatoes as well as sweet potatoes into french fries.  Looking on Amazon there are a lot of french fry cutters offered, but a bunch of them are cheap plastic crap made in China.  There were a few commercial quality ones, and quite a few of those advertised they would cut sweet potatoes.  The reviews, however, told a different tale–bent blades, broken blades, etc.  There were a couple whose reviews backed up the claim of cutting sweet potatoes, but they were also averaging $100.  Cutting Russet potatoes into fries isn’t that big of a deal, but sweet potatoes are another story entirely, even with the sharpest knife.  The little one LOVES sweet potato fries, and even though the supermarket has them bagged up in the frozen food aisle, they have “stuff” added to them.  I just want pure sweet potatoes.

What’s a gal to do?  You go to Ebay.  I quickly found the french fry cutter my Grandma had, an Ekco Miracle 2-in-1 french fry cutter with two removable blades, one for regular french fries and another for shoestring fries.  Many of them, however, were showing their age.  Not unexpected considering these things were sold circa 1950.  I’m being stubborn, though, and keep flipping through pages and pages of auctions.  Sometimes being stubborn pays off.

I found one in its original box.  The box was a bit rough around the edges, but the french fry cutter itself was darned near brand new.  Better yet, it was $15 and a buy-it-now.  A couple of clicks and that baby was mine.

It arrived today, and I quickly put it to the test.  Yes, it takes upper body strength but she goes through sweet potatoes without batting an eyelash.  $15 versus $100, AND made in the USA.

Back in the day America produced items we could be proud of, things that stood the test of time.  Now?  Good luck finding anything American made.  When you do, grab it up.   Here are a couple of pics of my treasured find:  photophoto

I’m a happy camper.


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