Coming soon to a restaurant or grocer near you

USDA approves China to process our chicken


Gotta love it, right?  The same people who poisoned infant formula with melamine, poisoned pet food, whose food safety record is utter garbage, whose food supply comes nowhere near meeting US standards, has been approved to process chicken that was slaughtered in the U.S. and SEND IT BACK TO US FOR CONSUMPTION.

The USDA is trying to sell us on the idea that since the chickens were slaughtered in the U.S., they’re safe.  Yeah.  Shipping them from here to China, then letting China process them with God knows what, and sending it back, all that will be “safe” because they’re U.S. chickens.  The problem with that way of thinking is no USDA inspectors will be in the China plants to ensure they’re actually using the chicken from the United States.  Anyone else see a fricking problem with this???  Oh, and since the chicken is processed, there will be no requirement to label the chicken as having been processed in China.  Food that has been cooked doesn’t require point-of-origin labeling.  Nope, no way to tell where the vast array of chicken nuggets, or whatever other chicken items, were processed.  And do you really think the manufacturers are going to tell you?  What, and see their profit margins fall?  You have a better chance of witnessing the second coming of Christ than to see them risk a penny.

Go ahead, read the report.  I’m off to find a recipe for homemade chicken nuggets because I’ll be damned if I’m going to feed my family that kind of shit.


3 thoughts on “Coming soon to a restaurant or grocer near you

  1. It’s all about the money, baby, the consumer be damned. We don’t eat a lot of processed chicken anyway. Guess that very little will drop to zero now! Which actually is better for us anyway. The less processed food we eat, the better off we are.

    • The munchkin is bummed because when we occasionally go out to eat, she likes chicken strips or a breaded chicken sandwich. Those things are processed and since there’s no way to tell where it comes from, those are off the list. I can’t believe shipping it over there and back is cheaper than processing it here, but you can bet the fast food chains will jump on it if it means they make more money.

  2. I’m not seeing any savings, either. Makes me wonder what’s really going on, ya know? As in, China is buying the chicken from us, and sending back…who the hell knows what?! Ah…America. Land of the Great Experiment: let’s see what this does to them…

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