Random thoughts

The following is for those of you who aren’t exactly ‘spring chickens’ anymore (and at 47 I’m definitely well into that category).  Funerals elicit a different reaction now than they did when we were younger, don’t they?  When I was younger and attended a funeral, either for a loved one, a friend or someone else, the usual expected emotions were there but they didn’t hit you in the gut like they do now.  Especially now when the funeral makes you realize you have become the older generation, when the grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents have passed on.  It tends to make you stop and look around, take an assessment of your life, where you’re at, where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. 


Sometimes I think we can get in a rut if we’re not careful, so busy going about our day to day business that we almost become hypnotized.  A day turns into a week, into a month, into a year, into a decade, and before you know it so much time has passed by that you’re left wondering where did it all go?  We put off stuff we’d like to do or we want to do because we’re too busy being in that rut.  We tell ourselves we’ll do it next month or next year, we’ll do it when we’ve lost that next 10 pounds, we’ll do it when we get that next promotion, we’ll do it next…next…next.  And the next thing you’ll know is you’re the one lying in the casket, so many things left undone, untried, put off because of the excuse of being too busy, waiting for the magic thing that makes the time just right.  The problem is, that thing either never comes or is replaced by some new thing that makes us wait, question, put off until tomorrow, etc.


What have you put off, what have you delayed because you’re waiting for _____?  Fill in that blank however you want to, and then take a good hard look at it.  Is it really something you should let hold you back?  Does it mask a fear?  Have you let that blank define your reality for far too long? Maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith.

Just something to think about.  


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