An unexpected harvest

Check this out:


Yes, those are potatoes I grew, not really intentionally.  I had about five small potatoes a bit past their prime and had sprouted eyes, and one sweet potato in the same state.  Since I was working in the garden I took them out there, dug a trench along the long side of the timber and tucked them in, covered them up and forgot about them.  There were a few green shoots that came out but no flowering, nothing huge.  Fast forward a few months and things are pretty much done in the plot.  I’m clearing out spots, pull out some weeds and suddenly spy something that oddly looks like the tip of a potato.  Turns out that’s exactly what it was.  It was a little ways from the original trench so I was more than surprised.  Burrowing through the soil I harvested the above potatoes.  Yes, that is a tiny sweet potato in the first picture, but surprisingly the original sweet potato is still vining–that tiny one was an “accidental” harvest.

The evening of the harvest we had mashed potatoes and they were OH SO GOOD!!!  Who would have thought home grown potatoes would taste so much better than those from the grocery store?  I figured since I did the above by accident, next time I’ll do it on purpose and pay attention to doing it right.

If you’ve never tried growing potatoes, do a little research and give it a shot.  Like I said, I didn’t get any fancy seed potatoes, just some spuds from the grocery store I had that developed some eyes.  It was a nice plus from something that would have otherwise been tossed in the compost pile.


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