They’re back!

What, you ask? This!

Okay, I know if you’ve seen my prior posts on Twinkies you’re probably puzzled why I’m announcing this.  Before the company went tits up, I absolutely HATED Twinkies.  Well, at least the version that had been around for the last ten plus years.  The Twinkies of my childhood I adored–fresh, creamy, soft golden goodness.  The imposters they had been putting out lately were gross–the filling was oily, the sponge cake literally felt like a sponge, and there was nothing remotely fresh about it regardless of the expiration date on the package.  A friend of mine suggested I go to the local corner store and get some since the turnaround there might be faster and hence a fresher product.  Nope–same icky crud.  Don’t even get me started on missing my foil-wrapped Ding-Dongs.  *sniff*

So, needless to say I wasn’t shedding a tear when they said they were shutting down.  I felt bad for the people losing their jobs, and I felt bad for losing an “icon” of Americana, but beyond that, nah.  In the meantime another company came out with Dreamies (or at least I think that’s what they’re called).  I picked up a box because the little one wanted to try what looked like a Twinkie.  I will say they were better than the last 10-year version of the authentic Twinkies–fresher, with more of a home-baked quality.  They still were NOT the ones from my childhood, but were close enough to substitute in the lunch box for the munchkin. 

Lo and behold the last time we went to the store the munchkin came skipping over to the cart with a box of TWINKIES!  They were back.  She’s happy to have her hands on the “real” thing, so we toss it in the basket.  I had heard they shuttered many of the distribution points so they were supposedly shipping them frozen to retailers, or some such stuff.  No biggie–they do what they gotta do.

Since I have faithfully been exercising every other day for 1-1/2 hours on that damned treadmill at full incline, I allow myself to indulge occasionally.  So the other day as I got ready for work I grabbed a cup of coffee and a Twinkie.  I had a sweet tooth and it was the least of the evils I had in the pantry.  I sit down at my desk, fire up the computer, peel the wrapper off the Twinkie and take a bite.

Oh…my…God!  That’s it!!!  THAT’S what I remember from my childhood!!!  It’s a REAL Twinkie, and I mean REAL!  Soft, fresh, fluffy, creamy without being oily–it made the ones they had been putting out prior to shutting down seem like they had been sitting out in the warehouse, unwrapped, for a year before being packaged.

I don’t know if this trend is going to last, but bless the people who brought back the original, the best…The Twinkie.

Don’t walk, run out and buy a box.  You won’t regret it.


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