Anniversary and wine tour

Thanks to those who left comments or emailed regarding the last private post.  I don’t want to bore the general public with super personal details, hence those are behind the password.  Trust me, you aren’t missing anything.

Back to the promised post regarding our 13th wedding anniversary and our wine tour.  Last year we took a wine tour with Heart of Texas Wine Tours.  It was awesome!  Just by the luck of scheduling we had the entire tour bus to ourselves.  The adventure can be read about here:  One Interesting Trip

This year, just in the vein of variety, we booked a tour with Texas Wine Tours.  At first I wasn’t too thrilled, not on any fault of the tour company, but just for the simple fact there were four other people on the tour with us.  Yes, I’m a hermit, not a people person, so we were negotiating different aspects of the tour, where to go and where to eat amongst the six of us.  After the first stop and a few glasses of wine, though, we ALL became good friends and had a blast!  Two of the ladies were friends who were enjoying a girls weekend away from their hubby and boyfriend respectively, and the other couple were on vacation, having both been raised in small Texas towns but now living abroad due to their work in the oil industry.  They have traveled the world–Switzerland, France, England, etc–yet when it came time for their vacation away from their young kids, they chose Fredericksburg, Texas and their first wine tour, though well versed in wines.  Food for thought, definitely.

We stayed at Katrina’s Cabin, a bed and breakfast part of the All Seasons Collection in Fredericksburg.  I cannot recommend them more highly!  I liked the idea of a bed and breakfast, but wanted more privacy than sharing a residence with someone.  The cabin was perfect–a few blocks away from Main Street in Fredericksburg, but completely private–two bedrooms, two baths, a loft with a sleeping area, a pull out sofa in the living area.  The two bedrooms both had fireplaces, and there was a hot tub in a private area off the main area, along with a dry sauna in the master bath.  The price to rent the entire cabin was on par with a mid-range hotel room, and more than worth it.  Here are some pics;

A pic from the end of the wine tour–yes, we were all VERY happy, lol!

Katrina’s Cabin:


Secondary bedroom:

The loft:
Main bedroom:
Old-fashioned toilet:
Claw foot tub:
View from loft overlooking secondary bedroom:
Dry sauna:
Old fashioned cast iron stove used as decoration:
Old fashioned kitchen sink:
One of the best wineries we visited;  Grape Creek Vineyards:
Taking the trolley for the private cellar/bottling tour:
Where the important stuff happens:
Those are BIG vats!
The French and American oak casks where the magic happens:
Of all the wineries/vineyards we visited, this one had THE best wines:
Frankenflowers.  Hubby gave these to me on our anniversary at the cabin.  The next day they were looking a little droopy, but I brought them home nevertheless.  Once home, they perked up.  How perky?  They lasted TWO WEEKS.  Hence, the name Frankenflowers, lol!
Outdoor decor of a residence near the main office of All Seasons Collection–love it!
Now, onto some of my mind-numbing activity that keeps me sane at home–gardening and canning.
Although I didn’t have a chance to pay close attention to the garden like I needed to, I did reap a small reward:
And while I didn’t have the blueberries, strawberries or tomatoes from the garden to can up the following, I hit the sales at the produce stand at the grocery store to produce the following–from left to right, blueberry preserves, strawberry preserves and tomato sauce–momma’s been busy!
And last, but not least, four baby raccoons we have seen coming up onto the patio to eat at night–too darned cute to refuse a handout to:
More to follow in a little while…until then, stay happy and cool!

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