The lost year?

Although it seems a little extreme, I’m starting to question whether this will be “the lost year” for me.  When I get the chance I’ll post a private entry or two going into greater detail into what’s been going on.

But, let me share a suggestion for everyone in the interest of preserving family history.  Granted, no one likes to think about dying, the events surrounding immediately before, during or after the fact.  However, if you want special items to be handed down, heirloom antiquities or sentimental mementos to be identified, LABEL THEM IN SOME WAY!!!

To some this may seem redundant.  You may be thinking, ‘why should I label this?  Everyone knows this is great-great-grandpa’s lucky fishing lure, or great-aunt Helen’s prized handmade crocheted tablecloth’.  Trust me on this–what you would SWEAR your kids or grandkids, spouse, sisters or brothers know came from so-and-so, THEY DON’T.  They will NOT remember.  What is so very, very special to you is just a tiny blip on their radar, and regardless of the fact that you emphasized time and time again how special the item was, UNLESS you label/mark/tag it in some way, it WILL be lost in translation.

PLEASE–as soon as you get a chance, if there is anything special/specific you want to ensure is recognized and identified once you’re gone, label/tag it in some way.  If it’s in the cedar chest, if you don’t attach an index card to it, place a sheet of paper on top of everything categorizing what’s what.  Heck, just a head’s up on where something came from will go a long way when it comes to identifying things.


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