Deja vu

Things are slowly settling down and getting back to a normal rhythm.  We had a nice memorial service at a local church for hubby’s mother, and then Andrew, hubby, his sister and husband and their son drove to Louisiana for the graveside services.  Since the munchkin still had a week and a half of school left and was in the midst of final exams, she and I stayed home, but sent along two bouquets of flowers to be placed at the gravesite.  When hubby and his sister found out how much it was going to cost for the obituary to be put in the newspaper in Louisiana, they were going to shorten it (his mother had written her own obituary about six months prior and I had transcribed it to send to the paper).  I took hubby aside and told him I would pay for the obituary in its full format.  It was written how she wanted it, and it will be what people see if they search for it now or in years to come. picked it up from the newspaper, and I paid extra to keep it accessible online permanently.  Being well versed in genealogy research, it was my contribution to future researchers.  Since I hadn’t been able to do anything except hold down the fort here in the last couple of months given our past history, it was my way of helping hubby and his sister.  Cost me two weeks of pay, but it was worth it.

Today has been exactly thirty years since my Grandma passed away.  Today the munchkin completed 6th grade and is now officially a 7th grader.  Son and his girlfriend are coming over this evening for a late supper to celebrate.  And we signed the refinance papers on the house today to lower our interest rate by 1.5%, saving a little over $300 a month.  I told hubby if someone had told me what today would be like 30 years ago, it would have made that day a little easier.  Amazing how much living I’ve done in these last 30 years.

Thinking back, I remembered when we bought this house, moved, put the old house on the market, and sold it in 2009, all those things happened on significant dates.  I had even made a blog post about it when we finalized the sale of the old house.  Since we refinanced today and it was on the day my Grandma passed away, I thought it would be something to “add” to the significant dates, so I went through the file with the old blog entries.  Experienced a huge dose of deja vu.

Turns out we signed the papers and got the keys to this house June 6, 2009, exactly four years ago today.  The refinance guy told us our first payment will be due August 1st.  Our first payment when we originally bought the house was August 1st, which was the day my Grandfather passed away in 1965.  (Cue the music for The Twilight Zone).  I just take it as a sign that I’m where I’m supposed to be.  🙂

The garden is chugging along.  Temperatures haven’t been horrible yet, and bug issues are under control for the most part.  The pumpkin vines are taking over and we have some nice sugar pie pumpkins setting up residence out there.  Cucumbers are starting to appear.  Harvested sweet peas and green beans.  And, behold, the first ripe tomato of the season:


I’m going to try really, really hard next time around and get the seeds started early indoors.  I procrastinated this year and didn’t get things going at the right time.  A trick I did employ with the tomatoes when I planted them outside was digging a hole between each plant and burying a plastic gallon milk jug that I had poked a bunch of holes in up to its neck.  Filling up the jugs each time I water, I ensure the water gets down deep and encourages deep root growth.  They seem to be enjoying the extra water, and I’m hoping will yield a heavy production of tomatoes.

Well, it’s time to toss the rib-eyes on the grill.  Here’s hoping things continue to settle down into a nice, normal, mundane rhythm.


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