Wasting time

Wasting time…not what I was planning on doing today.  The little one and I were going to go shopping for dresses for the funeral since neither one of us have them in black. Well, at least she doesn’t.  I don’t have one that’s lightweight enough to wear comfortably in this heat.  Lots of loose ends need tying up, and today was going to be the day for doing all that.  Was being the key word.  *Sigh*

Yesterday we got 2.33 inches of rain, which was awesome.  We need all the rain we can get.  Unfortunately around 6 AM this morning, Mother Nature decided we were going to get more rain.  LOTS more rain.  From 6 AM to 1 PM, she dumped an additional 9.87 inches on us.  I didn’t realize how bad it was- -we live up on a hill, one of the highest points in the San Antonio and surrounding area.  I was just waiting for the rain to let up and then we were going to get going.  Yeah…no.  I logged on to the local news and was greeted by a picture of a VIA bus that had been swept away by flood waters.  Yes, a full sized bus.  They rescued a guy off the roof of the Quarry golf course club house using a boat.  So far it is officially the second wettest day for the city since they started keeping weather history, beat only by the flood of October 1998.

I was looking forward to getting out for a little while.  Hubby had been out of town for work for three days.  A couple of days prior our upstairs AC/heat pump died.  Since we’re not looking at moving ever again, we wanted to get the best system we could.  Instead of going with the “big boy” companies, we went with a smaller family-owned one. They’ve been around for three decades, so they must be doing something right.  Got the estimate for a couple of different systems, crunched the numbers, weighed the pros and cons before deciding on a Trane.  Went through and filled out all the paperwork.   There were a couple of glitches, wrong model number entered by the office that resulted in the wrong system being ordered.  This wasn’t discovered until the morning they were going to put it in.  The model was a step up, but since it was the office’s mistake they offered to install that one for the price of the one we originally wanted as they didn’t have the one we wanted in stock.  Since the temperature was in the mid to upper 90’s, I was more than happy to take them up on their offer instead of waiting for another system to arrive.  Of course, this boo-boo happens when hubby is out of town, so I was playing phone tag between him and the company, coordinating things on this end since it was basically an all-day project.  They arrived before 10 and didn’t leave until 7, but they did an awesome job putting the system in and with the warranty we’re good for at least 10 years parts and labor.

This unexpected project turned my attention to another issue we have- -crappy windows.  They may be double paned but their insulation factor is nil when it comes to the summer sun, and insulated drapes only go so far.  We replaced the back door and the window in the bedroom over the driveway with the Pella triple paned product- -great insulating properties, but expensive as hell.  After sinking a good chunk of change into the AC/heat pump, I need to cut down on the heat coming through the window panes in an inexpensive way.  A trip to Lowes netted me a cart full of window screen kits and large rolls of the ultra solar screen material.  With the use of a hacksaw, I’ve been making custom screens for the downstairs windows.  So far, so good, but after hours of sitting on the floor bent over using the hacksaw, muscling the spline into the frame channel due to the thickness of the screen material, my back and wrists are killing me.  Which was why I was looking forward to getting out and walking around a bit today.

Hubby raced back to town and over to his mom’s to see and talk to her about ten minutes before her passing.  She had been holding her own over the last couple of weeks, but started rapidly going downhill the last few hours.  Hubby’s sister called him and he probably broke every speed limit there was to make it back in time, but he did.  They did good by her.  She had wanted to stay in her home if at all possible until the end, not wanting to be in some cold, sterile environment, and they managed to do just that.  They were by her side when she passed, and it was just the way she wished it to be.

Since my wrists need a day to recuperate, I guess I’ll just take it easy and wait for the flood waters to recede.  Hopefully things will be better out there tomorrow and we can do our shopping then.



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