It’s a beautiful day today

After a couple of days of thunder, lightning and good rain, the sun is out, it’s a cool spring day and absolutely beautiful.  I hate to admit it, but I’m still having trouble dealing with newly found out family history (discussed in usual pw-protected ‘time doesn’t heal all wounds’).  I guess the wounds run deeper than I thought, and I’m fighting some self-destructive tendencies as I try to find stable ground to stand on.

The plus side to this is I’ve been working hard in the garden.  A therapist from way-back-when gave me non-pharmaceutical tips to deal with depression, panic attacks, etc, when we discovered I was wired differently and had a completely opposite reaction to antidepressants than most people.  Physical exertion goes a long way to stabilize mental health- –exercise, home improvement projects, gardening, etc.  Since it’s spring time, gardening comes to the top of the list of self-help.  Hubby had tilled three garden plots for me, so I got busy planting.  The plot behind the peach tree was planted with summer squash, sugar pie pumpkins, rattlesnake watermelons and French heirloom pumpkins.  Of those, I really, really wanted the sugar pie pumpkins to do well because they make awesome pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, which leads to pumpkin bread pudding, etc.  Which ones sprouted the WORST?  The sugar pie pumpkins.  Figures.  Of the eight watermelon seeds planted, seven sprouted.  Of the nine French heirloom pumpkin seeds planted, six have sprouted (and they’re HUGE).  Half the summer squash have popped up.  The sugar pie pumpkins, nine seeds planted, how many sprouted?  ONE.  *(@%)@&%)(*)@!!!!!  I planted more seeds, and so far one more has sprouted.  *Sigh*

The bed closest to the Texas Mountain Laurels (grape bubble gum flower trees) has the most variety.  I have half a row of spring peas, the other half planted with cucumbers.  Since one of my gardening supply sites wanted $35 for a 42″ x 48″ “squash and cucumber fence”, I took some old wood stakes (about 48″ tall), twine, a brick (because I couldn’t find my hammer) and a pair of scissors and constructed a “fence” for the peas and cucumbers that span the plot from one end to the other.  Cost?  $ZERO$  Next to the row of peas/cucumbers I laid out a row of mulch, which will also contain a run of drip/spray irrigation tubing.  Next to that I put in an entire row of bush green beans.  Another row of mulch next to that.  The following row was entirely peanuts.  Then mulch row.  Next a half row of cantaloupes, and a half row of sugar pie pumpkins (yes, I’m DETERMINED to get those darned seeds to sprout!).  Another row of mulch/irrigation.  The next row is a combination of snow peas and five different types of cucumbers.  Another makeshift stakes/twine fencing at $zero$ cost.  Then, just for the heck of it, I planted a couple of sweet potatoes, a half row of russet potatoes, and a blackberry plant.  I figured, hell, why not?

The bed closest to the fence is to be the tomato/pepper bed.  I ordered a variety of seeds this year which I planted in cups to transplant to the garden.  I don’t know if it’s the funk I’m in or what, but I’ve had the WORST time this year with seedlings.  The “super sauce” tomato seeds didn’t sprout well.  The “porterhouse” tomato seeds didn’t sprout well.  “Brandy Boy” did a little better.  The “tangerine” tomato seeds from last year kicked butt.  Since my seedlings were sucking, I purchased some plants:  A beefsteak, one that was an heirloom from Mississippi (hubby’s daddy’s hometown), a “Park’s Whopper”, and two other heirloom tomatoes.  I planted those plants, one Porterhouse, two Super Sauces and two Brandy Boys.  I then added a small row of jalapeno peppers, a small row of cayenne peppers and a small row of sweet banana peppers.  I also put two roses into large 24-inch pots and added them to the flower garden.

I finished all this about 6 hours before the rain started.  I hadn’t really been “gung-ho” on the garden, but had pushed myself to get out there and get some things done just to try to maintain a healthy balance in myself.  I had just put all the tools away and had gotten cleaned up before the first fat raindrops fell.  Two days of rain ensued, which we desperately needed.  The plants are definitely happy, and the only things that haven’t sprouted are the last rows of cucumbers, sugar pie pumpkins and cantaloupes I put in.  Give it a week, and there should be some progress there.

I’m hoping to find a calm island in the midst of the hurricane going on in my head.  I’ve got to get to that place…I have to.


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