Vacation pics, and a really, really old one. :-)

Well, I seemed to have worked myself out of the funk I was in.  Did some major digging in the garden as well as spring cleaning–that’s one way to get rid of unnecessary icky energy.  I downloaded the pics from the camera, and for once it didn’t take me six months to do so.  Here are some pics from my sanity-saving driving tour through four different states:

At Lafayette Square in New Orleans:

Some art work outside of a restaurant, and on the way to the WWII museum:

One of the planes at the WWII museum:

A stop on the Ghost Tour.  One of the hotels that was originally the first school in French Colonial Louisiana, 1725, the site of a fire where some lost their lives and the building is now said to be haunted:

Some of the decorative wrought ironwork on many of the buildings, as seen as night:

Now this next picture is from the walking Ghost Tour.  If you watch “ghost hunting” shows, they talk about orbs in photos supposedly being spirits.  Personally I think they’re dust particles in most.  But, if you believe the orb theory, this picture shows at least five of them.  Did any of my other photos have them?  No.

More cool architecture at a little bed and breakfast hotel:

Heading into Mississippi:

Crossing into Alabama:

The view out of our hotel window in Ruston, Louisiana:

Visiting a cemetery in Shreveport:

Hallelujah!  Our last hotel stay before heading home:

And, as I promised, a really, really old one–my high school senior pic:


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