A quickie

I’ll have a couple more entries to post here soon, but first I have to sing the praises of the electric blanket and electric throw.  Yes, I said SING.  I vaguely remember my Grandma having an electric blanket, but from what I remember she didn’t use it because of electrical/overheating issues (yes, it was about 1970-ish, so a valid problem).

I have chronically cold feet in the winter time.  In fact, one of the first cards hubby got me when we were dating was entitled FREEZER FEET, with cute little penguins on the front.  This has been a lifelong problem for me; I remember waking up in the middle of the night to my Grandma putting socks on my feet, lol!  Winter time hits and BAM!  Cold feet constantly, that don’t warm up until spring, regardless of the temperature.

Christmas time came upon us, and as I was doing gift shopping for the family I ran across a sale for electric blankets.  I didn’t bite right away–I went home and did a search for reviews on the aforementioned blankets.  Surprisingly the reviews were outstanding, and the specs listed a 7 cents per night cost on average for using the electric blanket all night long, resulting in an energy savings if you turned your thermostat down and let the blanket keep you warm.

Since I was looking for inexpensive gifts (it was to be a lean Christmas due to unexpected cat vet costs), I picked up ones for me, hubby and the munchkin, as well as one for our son who is out on his own.  I chose two separate twins for hubby and I, since there seemed to be a fairly common problem of a queen or king blanket, with two individually controlled sides, having one side malfunction/die while the other performed normally.  If I had had any idea, any clue how AWESOME an electric blanket was, I would have had one decades ago!  Hubby had one growing up, especially when he lived in Iceland, so he sleeps like a baby under one.  (Give me a loud fan like the one I had when I was a child and it’s almost like I go into a coma when sleeping).  Katherine loves hers.  Andrew was ecstatic, able to turn off the furnace in the apartment and just sleep under the blanket.  Heck, our electric bill went down to $122 for heating 3400 square feet in a month by doing the same thing!  Me?  I haven’t slept as soundly or as deeply since childhood.  I keep mine on low (a Sunbeam fleece electric twin blanket) and it keeps me comfortable throughout the night.  It can be in the 20s outside, and the furnace doesn’t come on once at night upstairs.

Showing that great minds think alike, for Christmas Andrew got us electric throw blankets meant to be used in a chair, on a sofa, etc.  (He didn’t know about the electric blanket ahead of time).  During the day or night we can plug them in and be watching TV, reading or surfing and be perfectly warm.  The cats LOVE them.  Have them set on low, we’ll always know where to find our feline companions.  🙂

If you’ve never tried an electric blanket or throw, or if it has been years since you have, I highly recommend the Sunbeam line.  The ones we got have a five year warranty–just keep the receipt and if they crap out within 5 years of purchase, they’ll replace them.  You can’t get a better deal than that.


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