The world’s gone crazy

I get up this morning to the news that there was a shootout at a local movie theater last night.  Some 19-year-old little puke got upset that his girlfriend broke up with him and he sent her a text message he was going to go to the restaurant where he worked and shoot somebody.  The woman called the restaurant to warn them, but he was already outside of the restaurant about 9:30 and firing a gun at the front door.  He got inside, chased people out the back door, then ran after one employee who was running towards the theater.  A police car pulled into the parking lot and the puke shot out the windshield but missed the officer.  He then continued running to the theater and began firing shots once inside.  He shot one patron, who luckily survived.  A sheriff’s sergeant working security chased the puke toward the back of the theater.  According to reports she cornered him after he ran into the men’s restroom and shot him several times.  Amazingly the little a-hole is in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit this morning.  And as usual, his friends say “Chuy” was a good kid, not violent, was quiet and minded his own business.

If that’s not bad enough, one of our elementary schools is currently on lockdown after a bomb threat was called in.   Police, K-9 units and FBI are currently on the scene and have the streets blocked off around the school.

I never thought I’d say this, but thank God the munchkin was sick this morning with a severe sore throat/laryngitis and I kept her home.  The world has gone crazy.


2 thoughts on “The world’s gone crazy

  1. It is a world gone crazy. Personally, I think the lack of accountability is a lot of the problem we face. Too many people have no concept of ‘consequences’…and usually any consequences there are don’t amount to more than a slap on the wrist. Toss in the media frenzy that always accompanies such events, creating a ‘celebrity’ out of the perp, and it’s a combination for disaster.

    Glad to know the munchkin is safe at home with you!

    • Things calmed down and the munchkin got better and is back in school. Everyone is still a little on edge, though. Too many damned people with “copycat” mentality!

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