Still here

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our holiday was busy, but that’s the way I like it.  Yes, I’m one of the strange people who absolutely LOVE to cook, so Thanksgiving is a holiday I look forward to.  Hubby’s birthday fell right before Thanksgiving this year and we treated him to lunch at a new restaurant that opened up down the street from us.  (If you live anywhere near River City Seafood and Grill in San Antonio, you MUST go–awesome food and service!!!)  The waitress asked us about our holiday plans and gave me a sympathetic look when we informed her everyone was coming to our house.  That look morphed into one I’m familiar with when I told her I was cooking for two days to create the menu, and loving every minute of it.

Everything turned out great–had to put both leaves in the dining table and pull up some extra chairs, but everyone had room, as well as plenty of leftovers to take home with them.  After the meal everyone broke off into different groups, one watching football on TV, another playing Halo 4 upstairs, while the rest played pool, air hockey, darts and foosball in the garage-turned-gameroom.  I found a comfortable chair to sit in and took a well-deserved break with a slice of bourbon pecan pie.  🙂

Normally by now I would have broke out the boxes of Christmas decor and put up the Christmas tree, but we’ve been dealing with a sick pet.  Gizmo started out with some sneezing and one eye watering a little about two weeks ago.  Shadow had sneezing, too, but since there were a lot of allergens in the air we didn’t think too much about it.  Shadow got over his sneezing–Gizmo didn’t.  About a week ago I noticed that Gizmo’s left cheekbone looked a little larger than the right.  I felt around the area, but couldn’t tell for sure–he’s so furry to begin with, it kind of looked like his fur was fluffed up a little more.  He didn’t pull back or flinch and he was eating and drinking normally, so I watched him closely for a couple of days.  By then I could tell that he had swelling on the left side, so we took him in to the vet.  He used a needle to tap the cheek area and drain some fluid, then he gave him some antibiotics to take for 10 days.  If the swelling hadn’t gone down significantly by day 5, we were to bring him back in.  Day 5 came and the swelling had returned back almost to the level it was pre-vet visit.  His nose is blocked and he sounds like Darth Vader when he tries to breathe through it.  Took him back in and they confirmed an abscessed tooth.  He’s going in for surgery tomorrow to have it pulled, the abscess drained and be given IV antibiotics for any residual infection.  He spent the day today in my lap, being cuddled and massaged while trying to find a comfortable position allowing him to breathe kinda sorta normally.

Of all the many decades I have had pets, both dogs and cats, I’ve never had one have a bad tooth.  I can treat colds, battle wounds, scratches, abscesses from such, etc, but a bum tooth with a root abscess isn’t one of them.  I told hubby just to consider whatever the bill is to be my Christmas present.  Gizmo is eleven years old and we’ve had him since birth.  The “runt” of the bunch who fit in the palm of my hand, he grew into a 25-pound bundle of muscle and fur–the cat isn’t fat in the least.  He’s been the protector of the cats, taking care of any invaders or intruders, defending his territory with his superior size, strength and speed.  When Moochie showed up looking for a home and refused to leave, even when the other cats shunned him, Gizmo took him in, becoming his buddy and sharing his food dish with him.  They have been a pair ever since, Moochie providing backup for Gizmo’s patrols of the yard and never letting his buddy defend the perimeter alone.  When Gizmo came down with this tooth problem, Moochie’s cleaned Gizmo’s fur and slept by his side, patiently waiting by the front door when Gizmo would take a trip to the vet, watching through the glass for his buddy to return.  Maki, Gizmo’s mom, has been watching over him as well.  Shadow, his brother, has been a bit perturbed because Gizmo is getting so much attention, but that’s not unexpected behavior for “King” Shadow.

Needless to say, they may be pets but they’re family.  The only way I would consider putting a pet to sleep would be if they were in pain with some untreatable condition.  I wouldn’t go to the extreme of chemotherapy or major surgery just because I don’t feel it’s fair to put a furry friend through that.  I would forgo Christmas presents in the blink of an eye to treat a furry family member, though.

If you’re so inclined, spare a good thought and/or prayer for Gizmo.  He’s been a faithful companion and I’m hoping he’ll have a quick recovery after his dental surgery tomorrow.

Gizmo, the gentle giant


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