I have to say I never expected to have fan mail within 24 hours of my story being posted–thank you!!!  Especially considering it took me a little over two years to get the final installment done.  Hey, what can I say?  I’m not a speedy writer to begin with, and with major real life turmoil with critically ill family members, deaths in the family, etc, I’m surprised the story got written at all.

Do I consider myself an author?  No.  I’ve written fan fiction stories, which represented my baby steps into the world of writing.  In  my humble opinion authors write original stories with original characters and settings, although there are some fan fiction stories that are the exception to the rule–jaw-dropping in their artistry and complexity (not mine, btw).  My stories came about from being a diehard fan of Stargate SG1 and absolutely hating how they brought in Colonel Cameron Mitchell.  So, being the diehard fan that I was, I decided to create an alternate universe using the established canon and characters to bring in Colonel Mitchell the way he should have been brought in in the first place.  The plus side to that?  The established canon and characters.  The drawbacks?  The established canon and characters.

With a well-known story/series, one can only deviate a tiny bit from canon without bringing out the ire of other fans and/or jeopardizing what people loved about the characters to begin with.  With fan fiction you get a little creative license with established characters, and more leeway with original characters of your own creation.  What started out as a PWP back in 2007 morphed into eight stories in my alternate universe written over a five-year time span.  If I had done it properly all eight could have been melded into one long story, but since my brain will only process a certain amount at a time, the result was eight stories that linked together.

It was fun, exciting, and definitely a learning experience.  Have I progressed beyond my baby steps?  Well, let’s just say I’m getting into my toddler phase.  *Grin*  The Muse has been bugging me for quite a while about an original story, and has chimed in recently about the fan fiction I created and possibly offering an ancestor’s tale based on that.  Notes have been taken off and on, but all of  that will have to wait a while until I finish some home DIY projects I’ve had on the back burner for a while.  Not to mention getting through the holidays.

The fan mail was a very nice surprise and ended my week on a high note, one that was filled with highs (spending time with my brother and his wife, who are expecting their first baby) and lows (finding out the latest news regarding my sister).  I much prefer finishing out on a high.

If you’re of a mind to check things out, this is my introduction page to my corner, and the page with the story links is here:  They’re in chronological order beginning with Favors, and make much more sense when read in order.  The rest of the site houses stories from Robin (the site owner) and Renee and feature their versions of Stargate fan fiction, many of the stories having won multiple awards.  All are free to read, so peruse at your pleasure if you are so inclined.

Right now, I’m going to go bask in the “wow”.  🙂


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