A hodgepodge of pictures from 2011

I finally made some progress. I was bound and determined to catch up on my reading of blogs, emails, and uploading photos from the camera to my Flickr account. Doesn’t sound too daunting, right? Well, I hadn’t booted up my photo computer since March of this year, which was the last time I had worked with the camera/computer/Flickr. Checking my photostream, the most recent photos on there had been taken in August…of last year. I started just after noon with my multitasking, and called it quits 14 hours later. Was I completely finished? *Hangs head in shame* No. But I did put a big dent in everything, including catching up with the last month and a half of blog entries/social emails I had neglected to read.

I have several blog entries to post myself, including a password-protected one, but before I do that I want to give a sampling of the photos I’ve taken, in no particular subject order. These are from the latter part of 2011. Ones from 2012 will be another blog entry.

Not the best pic since it was taken quickly through a window–a Western Scrub Jay decided to visit our feeder:


A Black-capped Chickadee:


Look at that stance–ready to take on the world:


Taking a break from working in the yard, Shadow gets some love:


From last Halloween–at night we put chunks of dry ice and hot water in the metal bird bath, which created a cool, bubbly fog source:


This guy hooks up to a fog machine, and fog belches out of his mouth:


We put bright glow sticks inside the plastic pumpkins on Halloween night, which created a neat illumination:






We filled the copper kettle with large chunks of dry ice and hot water–the fog rolled out over the top and down to the ground, making the “graveyard” fog-covered.


This was a neat and inexpensive decor. Thin printed plastic (think cheap tablecloth) taped to the windows, turn the room light on at night, and instant creepy spiders/web that glowed orange/yellow:


A couple of weeks later, morning glories:

Morning glories

Trying my hand at decorating with battery-powered candles that have a built in timer, so they come on at the same time every evening and stay on for about 4 hours.


December 2011, huge orange carrot and cool (normal-sized) purple carrot from the garden:

Unusual carrots

A pigeon visitor:


And to end on a whimsical note, a peek at Katherine snuggling with two of our cats on a cold winter evening. And yes, Gizmo (on the left) is as large as he appears!

Snuggling on a cold winter night

More to come…


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