Taking a break

It’s been a while, but today I’m taking a break. In fact, it was the munchkin who brought it to my attention that we hadn’t had a girls’ day/night in a while. Things have been a little crazy trying to help mom and dad, running errands and keeping attorney’s appointments, plus adding in a few out of town trips related to the whole thing. Sometimes I can get so focused on taking care of something that I shut everything else out, which is exactly what’s been happening.

How bad has it been? Well, I finally got my water scarecrow set up today. I’ve only had it for a couple of months. In fact, I had talked with a friend about the scarecrow when I first ran across it, since she has had problems with critters in her garden. It’s a little pricey, but I have high hopes that it’ll chase away some of the nighttime creatures that have been dining in the beds lately. It’s motion activated and shoots a high-powered stream of water up to 35 feet away, maximum 300 degree radius. Those who know me know how much of a gardening geek I am, and for me to have a goodie for two months and not use it speaks volumes as to how chaotic things have been around here.

Before declaring today “girls’ day”, I spent the morning painting the shed. I have the trim done, the walls and overhang on the front finished, and 3/4 of the way up on each side done. The reason it’s not done all the way to the top is because I have to use a ladder–the shed is on stilts on one side due to the slope of the ground, which means standing near the top rung of the ladder. Ain’t gonna happen without someone holding that ladder–have I mentioned I HATE heights? Anything above the second step of the ladder can induce a panic attack. By mid morning it was hot enough to call it a day from painting, so I grabbed some empty pots, potting soil and leftover seeds and planted some oregano, sweet basil and Genovese basil. I found 1 lemon and 4 limes on the citrus bushes/trees I planted this spring, which was a nice surprise. There are green tomatoes everywhere, so now the battle is on to keep the bugs and critters away long enough to harvest ripe ones. The okra is already producing, along with the cucumbers. The leeks are getting bigger, the red onions and carrots are growing like crazy, and the garlic seems to be doing good. I’ve never grown it before, so it’s an experiment in progress. The bell peppers are loaded with blooms, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed there will be peppers growing soon. Hubby has corn, watermelons, pumpkins and cantaloupe growing. His peanuts haven’t made an appearance, so I suggested shelling the rest and planting them alongside those rows to see if we can get anything sprouting.

The munchkin finished 5th grade and graduated elementary school–woohoo! She had tutoring the entire year for math, and managed to pull that grade up to an 86, made the A/B Honor Roll and had perfect attendance. Math is her Achilles heel, poor baby. Since she had worked so hard and did so well, as an end-of-year graduation present we got her an iPod Touch. She’s been on cloud 9 ever since, lol!

The little one and I ran a few errands, picked up snacks and things for supper, then settled in for girl time. Pedicures and manicures ensued, and we watched the movie This Means War. It started off a little slow, but quickly turned hilarious. Being married to a cop added a little extra humor to the antics the guys went through gathering intel on the woman they were interested in. We then watched a replay of the CMT Music Awards. I was shocked to see that Red Solo Cup was up for a video award. YUCK! That has to be THE dumbest song of all time. Luckily male video of the year went to Luke Bryan and “I Don’t Want This Night To End” instead. Watching the “live” performances made me realize how many of these popular artists can’t carry a tune in a bucket without the help of digital enhancement. One of the few who can carry a tune and has a strong voice is Carrie Underwood. I think the entirety of music (country, rock, etc) would be quite different today if there wasn’t the ability to clean up and enhance a person’s voice. The last surprise I had was seeing Journey play on CMT, singing “Don’t Stop Believing”. What was the surprise, besides Journey playing on a country music awards show? The lead singer, who sounded EXACTLY like Steve Perry, is Filipino singer Amel Pineda. It’s amazing how much he sounds like him.

The day is winding down, and I’m indulging in a little bit of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and Coke. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should. I’m not a fan of Jack Daniels, preferring Irish Whiskey instead, but with the touch of honey liqueur they added to it, it makes it surprisingly smooth. I might even get to a little bit of editing if the phone stays silent long enough.

All in all, I think the munchkin had the right idea–I’m glad she reminded me that a break was long overdue!


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