Pluses and minuses

The last few weeks have been busy, as well as yielding a few pluses and minuses. The highlight to report has been the change to my dream schedule. Yes, I have finally attained utopia, lol! I’m one of those strange people who can’t *not* work. I have to feel like I’m contributing in some way in order to be happy–-that’s just my thing, and in no way reflects upon anyone who is a 100% stay at home mom, housewife, etc. I jokingly (okay, for me it’s not a joke) say that I provide the grocery fund through my part-time work. Hubby provides the majority of our income, and does an awesome job doing so–-plus, he LOVES his job. How many people can say that? I splurge when it comes to grocery shopping since I devote all my income to that endeavor, plus it satisfies many deep-seated issues I have with providing sustenance for my family. (Hey, we all have certain kinks in our get-along–-this one is mine).

I now have the perfect schedule–-three days working, four days in a row off. Plus, I still work in the evenings so the majority of the day is mine to accomplish whatever I need to. The kicker? I didn’t lose any hours changing to this schedule. In fact, I gained an hour–-I work 7 hours for three days, instead of 5 hours for four. Geez, I feel like I’m on vacation every freaking week!

Minuses? I’m still playing catchup with several issues, so I haven’t been as “plugged in” as I would like to be. I’ve lost track of the things my friends are doing, as well as my so-called online presence. I’m hoping as things settle down and I get used to my new schedule, I’ll be able to get back to the things I love to do.

Another plus is the contractor finished building the storage shed in the side yard. A minus? This thing is HUGE! This is our third shed/third house, but since the lay of the land was so different here, the silhouette of the shed is different. One end is on stilts because of the slope, and the roof line is MUCH higher than our prior sheds. In order to paint the end on stilts, I need the extension ladder instead of a wooden chair. Yep, I’m in the middle of priming the exterior before the matching house color paint goes on. Oh…so…fun…NOT. But, it saves a huge chunk of change versus hiring someone to do it, and since I’m such a hardcore penny-pincher…yep, I’m doing it. Once hubby seals the floor on the inside and it dries, we’ll commence consolidating and transferring all the crap…eh…stuff from the garage into the shed, along with all the yard tools. Which will empty out the garage and let hubby transform it into the game room of his dreams, complete with pool table, air hockey, ping pong, bar, etc. The way I look at it, he busts his behind at work every day, not to mention literally putting his life on the line-–he should have EXACTLY what he wants in there, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

There has finally been progress in finishing my story, once I finally relented and threw a chunk of it out. *Sigh* I was envisioning a honeymoon on a tropical island for my characters, had done a butt-load of research for said venue. Only problem was, I hadn’t consulted my characters for *their* approval for the setting. For you non-writers out there, you’re probably thinking I’m insane. That’s okay. For the writers/authors out there, you know *exactly* where I’m coming from. So, all the research/background for a Caribbean honeymoon was thrown in the dumpster and we went back to the vacation home. Characters are much more content, and we are proceeding with that oh-so-important scene. Once I get that wrapped up, plug in the final chapter I’ve already written, we will be DONE. A major HAPPY DANCE will commence, and I will finally be able to devote 100% of my attention to the original tale that’s been percolating in the back of my mind FOREVER. It’ll be part fiction, part autobiographical, and may never see the light of day beyond my own monitor–-and that would be okay with me. I really NEED to get this written…I think it will be therapeutic in more ways than one.

The gardens are rocking along. I’m already harvesting regular and cherry tomatoes–-yummy! Today I’m cooking a stockpot full of tortilla soup, with several containers going to my son, who is officially on his own, as well as a few to my “adopted” parents. I harvested several carrots and red onions to go into the soup. Note to self-–if there are carrots left over from the original season, let them go to seed to provide future generations of carrots. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try to harvest the older carrots. The core will be as hard as concrete. Just don’t do it.

The tomato bed is growing HUGE. I’m especially excited since it contains several heirloom varieties, the most important one being Cherokee heirloom, or Cherokee Purple. They say it is the most flavorful tomato ever, but not very prolific. Well, in my garden the two I’ve grown from seed are getting gigantic, as well as being loaded with blooms. Maybe my micro-climate, along with my own Cherokee heritage, will prove fruitful, lol!

I still haven’t caught up on my uploading of photos to Flickr, but I did take more photos today of my garden harvest. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll catch up on my photography hobby. With my four days off, I’m bound and determined to designate at least ONE of those days as *my* day–-the other three days will go toward taking care of family and other issues, but c’mon, one day isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Well, the tortilla soup needs to have the chicken and masa flour added, so I’m going to go play with that. Hope your day is going great, and you’re enjoying comfortable weather. 😉


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