Don’t faint–I’m actually posting an entry

Apologies to my friends and followers out there–-real life decided to ramp things up to the point that even checking my email had become a rarity, much less having time to do any surfing or posting. Things are settling down a little bit, so I figured I’d hop on, make a post and let y’all know that I’m still alive on this end.

I managed to hook the camera up to the computer and start sucking the photos off of it–-photos from August 2011 onward. (Hey, I said I had been busy!) Got August and September uploaded to Flickr, but still need to separate them into categories and unlock public ones…not to mention having to upload October, November, December, January, February and March. *Sigh*

The weather has been gorgeous. We actually had some steady rain a while back which caused everything to burst into bloom. Hubby tilled two more garden plots while I planted in the main one we put in last year. I found a site that had a bunch of heirloom tomato seeds, so I ordered 8 or 9 different varieties and started them in paper cups–-at the moment I have 17 vigorous tomato plants almost ready to put into one of the newly tilled plots, along with 5 that are planted in the main plot AND already have tomatoes on them. Hubby is putting in peanuts, corn and pinto beans in one of the plots, in addition to the okra, summer squash, cucumbers, sugar pie pumpkins, peas, green beans, banana peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, leeks, red onions, garlic and spinach currently growing out there. I have all the canning supplies I need to start canning salsa, pickled okra, pickles, etc, so now I just need the garden to produce. Keeping our fingers crossed that this turns out to be a good harvest.

On the home front, the biggest upheaval has been our son moving out. He had made the decision to do so about six months ago, with the target date being by the end of May. Well, the apartment became available sooner than expected, so the big event arrived the last few days of March. He had planned it well–worked hard and saved up the money to cover all the security deposits, utilities, 1st and last month’s rent, etc, and still had a nice chunk of change left over. He and his roommate loaded up all his furniture and stuff in the pickup and got it transferred to the new place–-who would have thought one room would take two trips loaded down? I told him once they were settled I’d take him grocery shopping to stock the pantry. I remember moving into my first apartment and how tough it was to get the necessities after paying all the initial fees. Besides, it was my gift to him–-my vow to my family has always been “you’ll never go hungry”. Anyone who knows about my childhood would understand that vow and what it means to me. There might not be much else, but there will always be something on your plate.

I did good and didn’t cry while he was here gathering up all his stuff. In fact, I made it to the next day. Hubby and I walked into the boy’s now-empty room and were reminiscing various milestones of his childhood to now being a young man, and that’s when I started crying. Hubby did, too. Don’t get me wrong–we’re happy for our son and proud he’s doing this on his own, but it’s also a milestone for us as parents, to have him successfully leave the nest and start his own journey. Remembering being pregnant with him and him having the hiccups, and my coworkers laughing as they watched my tummy twitch. Holding him in my arms for the first time, as well as the first time he laughed playing with a stuffed pig that made an oinking sound. His first steps, which soon turned to running. Climbing on the kitchen countertop and standing up there in order to get a cup out of the cabinet and hearing hubby’s exclamation of “boy, what are you doing up there?!” when he found him. Bike riding, fishing, camping, Boy Scouts, band, sleepovers, basketball, track. And then what seemed like a blink of an eye, there’s a young man where that little munchkin used to be. One who no longer reaches up to give me a hug, but bends down to hug me. One who I can no longer pick up, but now he can pick me up. I couldn’t ask for anything better, but it still rips my heart out seeing that empty room and hearing the echoes of his childhood.

After a couple of days I wasn’t moping as badly, and I could actually walk in the room without tearing up. Pulled out the vacuum cleaner and gave it a good vacuuming, opened the windows and let the sunshine and spring breeze in. We’re still tossing around ideas of what to do with the room, but will eventually pick up a nice futon to put in there along with whatever else, just to have a place for overnight guests to sleep. Since the little one is just finishing up elementary school, there will still be plenty of sleepovers in the future with her friends. With her room adjoining that one, it’ll be the perfect spot for them to have their get-togethers.

Work is still rocking along, and driving me crazy as usual. Hubby’s been busy holding down the lieutenant’s position, which he’ll be doing for a few more months. Extended family is holding its own with no major crises lately. My great-aunt in Vermont is home and doing good–talked to her the other day for about an hour. Everyone up there is absolutely amazed when they see her out and about, since they all thought she was going to die when she was rushed to the hospital late last spring, and spent nine months there after undergoing two major surgeries. Pretty miraculous for someone in her late 80′s. She and I joked that she was just too damned stubborn and she would pass on when *she* was good and ready, and not one second before. Just being able to talk to her and hear her laugh, telling the stories of days gone by is wonderful, especially since I thought we were definitely going to lose her.

Suffice it to say, life has been draining, but I’m still paddling along. Once I’m finished getting all the pictures uploaded and categorized, I hope to be posting more recent ones of the evolving garden soon. Until then, enjoy the spring weather and take the time to tell those dear to you that you love them.


One thought on “Don’t faint–I’m actually posting an entry

  1. The garden sounds amazing! And um…if any of those jars of salsa won’t fit in your pantry, just mail them northwest…LOL!

    It’s tough when the fledgling flies away. The best part is, however, is the knowledge that you’ve done a good job. Your son will be a contributing member of society – not a boil on society’s ass, taking with both greedy hands. Watching him now will fill you with more pride than ever, as he settles into his role as a man. (Although I still look at son at times, and see that little boy who used to crawl into my lap for hugs!)

    It’s always a good thing when family life is sailing smoothly…or as smoothly as family life can ever sail! *grin*

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