Taking a breather

Life has been…busy…chaotic, really. Nothing I really want to go into great detail about, just dealing with extended family health issues, end-of-life decisions, etc. Trying to be supportive, making sure everything is said and done, making those memories the best they can be. It’s draining, but you just keep pushing forward.

Life, however, doesn’t stop for anything. The kiddos had their birthdays–son is now 20 and the munchkin is 11. That was a busy week, since their birthdays are only 3 days apart. I took the munchkin to the spa for her first manicure/pedicure (this place I found has a separate section for the little ones to get their stuff done). I wasn’t expecting much for thirty bucks, but they went out and did the whole nine yards–warm towels wrapped around the feet, salt scrub, massage, etc. We had lunch and she had her best friend come over for a sleepover–they had a blast. Andrew invited his boyhood friends over and we ordered multiple pizzas while they set up the video game consoles upstairs and downstairs–had Halo and other such games going on. He had spent the day with his girlfriend, so she insisted on some “guy time” for him in the evening. It was funny to watch the same kids he had over for his parties when he was little, now all grown up but basically doing the same thing–a nice trip down memory lane.

Hubby took me out for my birthday Saturday–surprised me with reservations at the Ounce Steakhouse. They seated us in a private U-shaped booth in back–we shared a dozen Blue Point oysters on the half shell before indulging in their Angus filet with a side of creamed spinach. We cuddled together while enjoying an after-dinner coffee–mine was an Ella Fitzgerald, which is coffee with Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Frangelico topped with whipped cream. It was nice to be able to enjoy each others company and forget the world for a little while.

The little one and I had had lunch earlier that day and spent some girl time together, Andrew bought me a DVD I had had my eye on, and I also got a gift card to one of my favorite stores. But the best present of all was the birthday card Bill got me. Before the holidays he and I had some long discussions about relationships past and present, and I found a song that expressed my views perfectly–Adele’s One and Only. I sent him the link and had him watch it. Let’s just say they were some pretty intense discussions, and the song is definitely significant.

On Saturday, when I opened the card from Bill, this is what I found:

“My one-and-only”
is an old-fashioned phrase
that people used to use
in old songs and movies.
But it perfectly describes
the treasure that dropped
into my life
the day I met you.
Since then,
our love has grown
deeper and stronger,
into a trusting bond.
Sure, we have challenges
like any couple,
but we work
through them together.
And although life
may not be perfect,
the love I feel for you is.
So on your birthday,
I say with all my heart
that you’ve made me
unspeakably happy.
And although it might sound
old-fashioned to say–
you are
and always will be
“my one-and-only”.

It doesn’t get any more perfect than this. Regardless of how chaotic life becomes…I’m home.


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