Business emails

Very rarely will you see anything posted here about my job or work life in general. I work to pay bills and for the most part enjoy the work I do, but it doesn’t define me–there are many other things more important in my life. But after the last couple of weeks, I’m going to use this entry to vent on one particular issue that has bugged me for YEARS.

Blanket emails. Well, that’s my term for them. You know, the ones the boss, manager, or some other person sends out to everyone basically screaming about something, but it’s regarding an issue that only involves a few. Now, blanket emails do have their place. When you send out info that everyone needs to know, or a reminder, a request, etc, those are ones that qualify for the blanket email status. But when it comes to problems, mistakes, issues that are being created/made by only a few people, and you’re going to send out an email blasting their ass into outer space, flaming the hair off the top of their head, you DO NOT send it to everyone.

The excuse of “I don’t have time to figure out/go through and pick individual addresses” is BS. If you don’t have time, you either need to work on your organizational skills, hire an assistant, or look for another line of work because obviously you are not up to performing a simple detailed task. The excuse of “well, the ones who aren’t doing it know the email isn’t directed at them” is BS. It doesn’t matter if, in your mind, you’re not yelling at them–it has the same result as if you did. It brings down morale. A person can be in the best mood in the world, and when they pop open their inbox and see a scathing, venom-filled attack, their good mood evaporates regardless of whether “they did it or not”.

In my opinion, it comes down to pure laziness. It’s bad enough that emails saying “good job” are about as prolific as a dodo bird, but for everyone to be exposed to negative emails day in and day out because a select few can’t figure out how to accomplish a task is ridiculous. And it’s even more ridiculous that any person with an IQ higher than a tomato wouldn’t realize this.

For those who still can’t wrap their mind around the negative effects these blanket emails have on good employees, here’s a simple way to look at it. You have a group of people, and you have a skunk. One person agitates the skunk, and the skunk sprays them. The entire group gets to experience the stench of the skunk, even though most of them were innocent bystanders.

Next time, don’t be a skunk. Direct negative emails only to the people who need to receive them. Those few extra minutes you take ensuring only those people are in the “To” box may save your most productive employees from seeking employment elsewhere and keep you from wondering why they left.


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