A hodgepodge

Well, my laptop is still limping along, although we don’t see eye-to-eye many times. I did some searching online, checked out a couple of links from a friend, and got a good idea what I want/need in a new laptop. The only problem is trying to swallow the $400 plus price tag for one. I’ve always bought used, but hubby has decided the time has come for a brand spanking new one–which I really do appreciate. I’m just a penny pincher by nature, and where I wouldn’t have a problem spending that kind of money on the kids or hubby, I balk at spending that for myself. However, I just spent the last couple of days fighting with LibreOffice. I’m sure it’s a fine program, but it doesn’t like the way my story file was formatted with Word, nor does it like the spelling of a lot of the words–words that were fine with Word. I finally got a chapter sent off for proofreading…whether it’ll come through or not intact remains to be seen, since it wanted me to change the type of file *constantly*. Grrrrrr. Hubby can get me the latest Microsoft Office at a great price, but it’s one of those that’s only for “one” computer. If I’m getting a new program, it’ll be for the new laptop, not this piece of junk I’m typing on.

Hubby had fun at work a couple of weeks ago, and added a new story to his rep. He’s very “hands on” in his work. His position affords him to be able to stay at the station, but he likes to be out and about, helping the guys with calls, etc. They love him for it. And, of course, they’re always amassing war stories and what not. Well, this one took the cake, at least for me. There was a call for the wagon, because a couple of officers had stopped a DWI. The suspect was a handful–belligerent, yelling obscenities right and left, combative, spitting, screaming, calling the officers racist (apparently didn’t realize they were all the same race as he was), etc. Hubby gets there and this guy is off the wall. He asks the guy where he’s from, and the guy answers with a state (out-of-towner or just born elsewhere, who knows). Now don’t ask me why, because this isn’t typical behavior of hubby, but he had the sudden urge to sing. Yes, I said sing. And he gave in to this urge, but the song was specific to the state the guy had said he was from. It’s a very old song, too. What happened? Hubby began singing. The officers looked at him like he was insane. The suspect got quiet…real quiet. Calmed completely down and listened while hubby sang to him. Afterwards the suspect was transported peacefully, without incident. I guess it’s true when they say music soothes the savage beast. Without a doubt, I’m sure this is a story that will follow hubby for quite a while, lol!

We had rain today–storms, actually. I woke up early this morning to thunder, and quickly ran downstairs to let the cats in (hubby lets them out and they eat breakfast on the patio while he takes the little one to school). It started with a light rain, the wind picked up, the rain grew heavier, and then a full-blown thunderstorm ensued. Electricity was knocked out for about 15 to 20 minutes. Everything got a good soaking, and it made the garden happy. I have a few pumpkins out there, a couple of watermelon, some winter squash, as well as a variety of peppers, peas, onions, etc. Some daylilies arrived yesterday, and I would have planted them this morning if it hadn’t been raining. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

My holiday cleaning has ensued. I pulled the ladder out, took down the family room and breakfast nook curtains and gave them a good wash. Scrubbed down the windows and sills, individually dusted and then cleaned all the wooden slats on the blinds (MAJOR pain in the rear) before putting the curtains back up. Put up a set of curtains I had bought for the kitchen a while back, but even with the ladder it’s a pain because the window is so darned high. Tomorrow I’ll do the same thing for the dining room and front room, although the front room window irks me to no end. The “seals” have failed in the double paned glass, so no matter how well you clean the inside and outside, there’s still icky stuff obscuring the view inside the two glass panes. As soon as I save up enough money (another thing that’s hindering the laptop buy) I’m having that darned window replaced.

Picked up a 20-pound turkey as well as a 12-pounder. The 20-pounder will roast in the oven while hubby smokes the 12-pounder. Found out we’ll be having more people this Thanksgiving, so I’m adding more to the menu. The turkeys will stay in the upright freezer until this Thursday when I move them to the fridge. Since the fridge is kept at 36 degrees, it’ll take them 5 to 7 days to thaw. Oh, and as an aside, did you know you can cook a turkey from the frozen state? It takes approximately 50 percent longer cooking time, but they say it can be done. I’ve never tried it, but that was according to the…oh hell, what was it…USDA site? Some government site with “official” turkey cooking instructions, how’s that? *Grin*

And last, but not least, I’m celebrating. Today it has been 18 years since I was paroled from a life sentence, and a judge granted my request for a divorce from my first husband. I look back with no regrets whatsoever. I hung in there for 8 years, went through counseling, compromise, bent over backwards until my back broke, but there was no way of turning that relationship into a healthy, sustainable one. Sometimes vows are not forever–especially when one party intentionally presented themselves as something they were not. Sometimes the harder road is walking away all by yourself, and that was the road I chose. I was terrified, but in retrospect it was the best thing I ever did, for myself and for my son. Eighteen years later…a lifetime, in fact…I’m married, son is in college, our daughter is in 5th grade, and I’m loved and cherished by my husband. This would not have happened if I had stayed in that abusive relationship. Yes, leaving was a good thing, and nothing anyone else can say will ever change that fact. Sometimes vows are not forever, and occasionally that can be a good thing.

Well, it’s almost time for me to get to work and tackle some operative reports. Keeping my fingers crossed that the docs are speaking English tonight!


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