I do believe autumn is here

It’s been a long time coming, but I think the seasons have finally changed. The last few nights I’ve had the windows open, and this morning awoke to a temperature in the upper 50’s. The ten-day forecast is showing highs in the 80’s, and for us that’s cool! It’s such a welcome relief after the summer we just went through.

I ventured out in the yard and surveyed the damage from the drought. Managed to clear out the middle garden bed to find all the roses had survived, along with some carrots, a few onions, two bell peppers and an Anaheim pepper. We dug in some compost and planted the seedlings we had growing in cups along with additional seeds directly into the garden. In total we added a variety of winter squash along with some hook necks, sugar pie pumpkin vines, two varieties of carrots, red onions, cantaloupe, sugar peas, snow peas, two varieties of cucumber, cayenne peppers and banana peppers. I cleaned out a bunch of pots on the patio and started some sweet basil, Genovese basil, curly parsley, oregano, dill, garlic chives, onion chives, scallions and thyme.

I have one bell pepper plant in the left side bed that I need to move before we can amend the bed with compost. Other than the watermelon vines that have taken over the back half of the bed, and the lone pepper, everything else is pretty much done in there. We’ll just work around the watermelon until they’re done doing their thing, then we’ll amend that end of the bed.

It feels so good to get outside again. Even though I’m a native Texan I don’t tolerate high heat very well, so I don’t get much done outdoors once the temps get above 95. Unfortunately that meant I didn’t get anything done from June onward this year. But, the temperatures are dropping and I’m venturing out. I have my fall wreath on the door along with a cinnamon broom nestled in the sidelight glass. Tomorrow hubby will be using the mulcher/shredder on our leaf piles, and I’ll work on getting the seeds and bulbs planted in the front beds that will give us flowers in the spring.

I managed to do a bit of fall cleaning–pulled out the comforters and gave them a run through the washer to refresh them, washing knickknacks and dusting the glass shelves in the dining room, wiping down the windowsills and windows before opening them up to let the fresh air in. And miracle of miracles, I even managed to get to two chapters of writing, lol! Yep, the temperatures drop and the creative energy starts flowing.

The only other thing that would make it perfect would be some rain. Would you look at that–they have some forecast for this weekend. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I just might keep my fingers crossed. *Grin*


2 thoughts on “I do believe autumn is here

  1. When it’s too hot, just moving takes monumental effort! Glad to know you’re moving out of the oven! I know that gardening is your favorite thing to do…so very happy that you’re out there playing in the dirt again! Nothing like having your soul ‘fed’ to get those creative juices flowing, eh? *grin*

    • After being ‘shut-in’ for almost four months straight, I was beginning to question my sanity! Getting back into a routine, especially one that I like, definitely helps in getting things moving in the right direction. Now if I can get rid of the bug I picked up, probably from all the people coughing and hacking at the store, I’ll be even happier.

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