Running on adrenaline

The last couple of weeks have been filled with ups and downs, busy times and lots of activity. The kids are back in school and settling into a routine, which means I have a couple of extra hours of quiet time now to get things done.

One of those things was making a doctor’s appointment for an exam. I had an issue come up that was stressing me out, just for the simple fact my mother had the same thing happen with her at my age. She ignored her symptoms, and died from widespread cancer just after her 48th birthday. Yeah, did I mention I was stressed? Got in to see the doctor, had a long talk, an even longer exam and scheduled some tests. When all the results came back normal, it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. In fact, I slept for 12 hours straight the night after I received the good news.

I thought I was going to have a relaxing weekend this past holiday weekend, but the munchkin had one of her little friends spend the night. When you think of girls, you might think dolls, dress up and such. Not my 10-year-old. Movies were the quietest thing going on–karaoke, video-making, video games, squeals of laughter, running up and down the stairs–you’d think it was one of her brother’s sleepovers he had when he was younger. When hubby started telling them to keep it down, I was laughing from the flashbacks of the boys’ antics and the same things being said. They had a lot of fun, and kept mom on her toes.

The weather FINALLY turned cooler with a cold front coming through Monday, dropping the lows into the upper 50’s and the highs around 90. Considering the lows had been almost 80, we were doing a major happy dance. Well, for a short time, and then…

I guess it was around 2 o’clock or so in the afternoon Monday when I heard the sirens. I don’t pay much attention to them, considering we live just down the road from a fire station in one direction, and a hospital in the other direction. Sirens are more like background noise. But, I started to realize I’d been hearing them fairly consistently for about 20 minutes or so. I call hubby at work–turns out there’s a grass fire down the road, in the park across the street from Katherine’s school. A few fire trucks were sent down to take care of it.

Figures. More than fifty days of 100+ degree heat, and the first day it’s semi-cool, there’s a fire. Only problem was, the wind was gusting. And those 50+ days of intense heat combined with the drought had made everything dead/dry/crunchy.

Next thing I know, there are more sirens. Then helicopters. The one hovering overhead in the backyard was from a local news station, so I log onto their website, and watch live streaming video being taken by that helicopter. The fire had spread…quickly. Jumped the road and ignited the side where the school is located. They start evacuating nearby apartments and houses, call in more fire trucks. Before it was all said and done, there were helicopters dumping water and 75 fire trucks involved in battling the blaze, which scorched more than 200 acres. Ended up about a quarter mile or so from the house. They had the blaze contained, meaning not spreading but still burning, around 5 to 6 o’clock. Stayed out there all night putting out hot spots, and all day today.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to bed until around 1 AM, keeping a worried eye on things. Hubby and I went walking/hiking through the woods along the back of our property this morning in lieu of going to the gym. Things are just as dry and crunchy out there as they are/were at the park. It wouldn’t take much to set it off.

So, things have taken a little more serious turn as far as the drought goes. Before we were worried about keeping the garden alive, as well as the trees and landscaping on our property. Now, the worry has turned more toward keeping the house itself safe considering the dryness of the surrounding area.

We keep hoping for rain…a tropical storm…a hurricane would be more than welcome. For now, we’re still looking at a very dry forecast. We’re extremely fortunate, though–many others in the state have lost everything to wildfires.

Send up some good thoughts and prayers for a good downpour or two…or twenty. Anything to break this drought and ratchet down the risk of fire for everyone.


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