Fighting ugliness with cold hard facts

This entry is going to be totally off topic from what I normally write, but once I started crunching the numbers I knew I was going to post this.

Some of you might have read about Petra Ecclestone, the 22-year-old heiress, daughter of billionaire Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone and former Armani model Slavica Radic. She got married–had a three-day celebration in Rome and spent an estimated $5 million dollars on the event.

The particular article I read has over 3000 comments, and climbing–and 90 percent of them are negative. About half of those are vile, absolutely disgusting, so much so it has me questioning whether some of these people are even worthy of the term “human”.

It goes from the ‘how dare you’ spend that much money on a wedding, to ‘how dare you’ spend like that during the state of the economy, to ‘how dare you’ spend when so many people are starving, to ‘how dare you’ spend when *I* want/need that money!

It descends past the gutter from there. The woman is beautiful, striking even. But going by the assessment of some about her looks, you’d think she was a fat, squat, 3-eyed ogre who needs more plastic surgery than most of Hollywood has ever had. I refuse to reprint the more vulgar comments, but let your imagination run wild–then drop it ten miles lower.

$5 million on a three-day celebration. For all those people standing in line, throwing stones, let’s take a look at that. Set aside for the moment they asked all guests NOT to give any wedding gifts, but to make contributions to charity instead. For all those standing with their hand out, wanting to be given the money, how many hundreds of people made money from this three-day celebration because they WORKED for the money? Everyone who had a hand in pulling this celebration together got paid for their work. They in turn paid their bills, put food on their table and a roof over their heads. But *gasp*, they WORKED for the money, they didn’t expect it to be handed to them while they sat on their rear ends doing nothing.

Of course, that did nothing for those frothing at the mouth due to indignation, jealousy, envy, greed. So many have the mindset that *they* should have the nice things, but God forbid should they have to work for them. No, it should be handed to them because others have those nice things and they want them, too. They whine that it’s not fair. Well, guess what? Life isn’t fair. Hard work and luck play a huge part in one’s lot in life. That doesn’t mean you get a free pass to say filthy, disgusting things about another human being because their lot in life is different from yours.

And just to top it all off, let’s look at some cold hard facts, shall we? They spent $5 million on a three-day celebration. Just for argument’s sake, let’s say Daddy is worth only $1 billion dollars. That makes the percentage of what they spent on the celebration 1/2 percent of their assets. ONE-HALF PERCENT.

Hang tight, this little math lesson is almost over. Let’s say you have $1000 dollars in the bank (most don’t, but this is just for argument’s sake). One half percent of $1000 is $5. Five dollars. Still having trouble seeing it? Okay, let’s make it $10,000 in the bank. One half percent of that is $50. Fifty. If you had $10,000 in the bank, and you spent $50 of that on your daughter’s wedding, you’d be branded a cheapskate, don’t you think? $50 for the entire thing–dress, ceremony, reception, not to mention all the other things leading up to it, when you have $10,000 at your disposal.

One half percent. That’s what was spent on Petra Ecclestone’s wedding. She just happens to come from a family that has a billion dollars. They celebrated lavishly. A bunch of people were paid for their services, and probably were glad to have that boost to their income. Guests made charitable contributions.

From what little I know of this family (which is next to nothing), I haven’t seen/heard anything bad. No sex tapes, no scandals, no crimes. You’d think at the very least a person might say ‘congratulations on your wedding’, not offer comments that are worse than what you’d find left on a story about a convicted pedophile.

I’m starting to lose faith in humanity, just for the simple fact you see less and less of it nowadays. The ugliness is astounding, and it’s just getting worse.

Yep, moving up into the mountains is looking better and better…


2 thoughts on “Fighting ugliness with cold hard facts

  1. Great Post! I am happy for her and her family. They have obviously worked hard. People forget that most people with money work 7 days a week and 10-14 hour days. They are usually always available by e-mail/phone. They rarely unhook themselves, even during family events because they are running businesses. If you work 7 days a week at 10-12 hour days and you still feel you are broke… ok.. I may be able to take the rant, but until then let us be happy for someone who fell in love. May God Bless their union in hopes that it lasts a lifetime.

  2. Once again, you’ve hit the nail right on the head!

    I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely read the comments on news stories any more. (Okay, most of the time, it’s NOT news, more like GOSSIP!) Not only is the spelling and grammar of most of the responders enough to have that latent English teacher in me screaming out loud, the content itself is enough to make one wonder if the person sitting in front of that particular keyboard has more than two working brain cells to rub together

    As for the wedding…let’s get real here…$5 million today isn’t what it used to be! And over three days? Again, that’s not much! When given the amount of money this bride’s father had, wouldn’t you say it was a rather frugal wedding? I would! And how lovely that the guests were asked to donate to charity! How many people will reap the benefits of that generosity?

    You’re so right, we’re surrounded by the ‘gimme’ mindset. People who want the best, but want to get it while sitting on their fat asses in front of the television. I agree, the ugliness is getting worse…or maybe we’re just seeing more of it thanks to the wonders of the internet. Whichever…I’m looking for a nice, secluded island.

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