Defying the odds

To say that the summer has been hot down here is an understatement–one glance at the forecasts for San Antonio or a look back on my entries will attest to that. The gardens have taken a beating, though they are still (amazingly) hanging on. All except for Katherine’s garden. It is not hanging on–the darned thing is absolutely spectacular! Considering it gets the same amount of water, the same amount of care and was planted in the exact same way as the other gardens, this is nothing short of amazing. From July 22nd:


Katherine's garden



The little toot even has Sugar Pie pumpkins!


Can you believe this?




Some of her marigolds:


Now that’s a green thumb!


She even has a watermelon out there:


Fresh from the shower, with a cantaloupe and pumpkin harvest from her garden:


Her first watermelon!


Look at that smile–awwww!


The little toot grew a watermelon from start to finish–something *I* have not been able to accomplish! Mine have either withered on the vine, got some weird end rot that destroyed the fruit, critters got the watermelon, bugs devoured it, etc. Katherine, on her first try, from SEED, managed to get a ripe personal-sized watermelon. That thing was sooooo sweet, it put all the grocery store watermelons to shame. There’s another baby watermelon growing on her vine–in 106 degree heat.

Katherine’s garden has been a bright spot in the midst of this horrid drought. I’ve been in a bit of a funk…not being able to go outside, play in the dirt and commune with Mother Nature isn’t helping in the least. Add in middle age hot flashes, mood swings from PMS, and clumsiness from hell, and the last few weeks haven’t been pleasant.

How clumsy, you might ask? I personally topped my own record of “stupid human tricks” yesterday. Somehow, and don’t ask me exactly how because I can’t explain it, I managed to injure my eye…with the dryer door. Thank God the corner is rounded, or I would have lost my right eye. Yeah, I even managed this while wearing glasses! I was drying a “feather bed” topper, and one of the tips is to dry it with a tennis ball in the dryer because it helps fluff the feather bed. I opened the door, start pulling the feather bed out. The tennis ball comes bouncing out and rolls behind me. I turn, grab the tennis ball, then turn back and lean down at the same time to pull the remaining feather bed out of the dryer. Unfortunately the dryer door was swinging towards me at the same time. My eyeball (literally) and the corner of the dryer door meet.

I thought I had busted my eyeball. It felt like a literal explosion in my head. I immediately ran for the bathroom, holding my eye. Don’t ask me how the corner managed to make it UNDER my eyeglasses, because I have no idea. The bony socket is bruised, my eye is scratched, and generally I’m just freaking miserable. There’s swelling which distorts my vision, but thankfully no retinal detachment or other nasty consequences that come from ramming your eyeball into a metal object. I have a nice eye patch to wear, so I’m doing my best pirate imitation at the moment. Things should be back to normal in a few days, which is a good thing.

I’m hoping for a calm, cool and uneventful fall season to get here quickly, before I do any real damage to myself!


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