Why I’m losing my mind

I have several projects I’m working on simultaneously at the moment, but one which underlies all the rest is genealogy research. I focused my attention back on one branch of the family where I had just filled in my great-great-grandmother and her parents, but hadn’t filled in siblings, etc. Sources of information are census records, birth records, marriage records, etc. However, this line of the family lived in Quebec. Thankfully, one of the positives I can list for Catholics is back in the 1700-1800s they kept meticulous handwritten records from the Church. Hence, with some searching, I’m finding all sorts of information. Only one snag–the records are handwritten in French. I don’t speak French, much less write it. But, I’ve learned several pertinent words, such as “baptise”, “legitime marriage de”, etc. As such, I’ve been able to identify several relatives in this branch of the family. It becomes a challenge since the male name covers 5+ generations, so you come to rely on the female maiden name as an identifier. To give you an idea what I’m literally looking at, check out this pic. Click on it two different times, and when it comes up on a black background click “view all sizes” at the top right corner, then click on “original” size to see it in full detail:


Two more family members, and I’ll be up to 500 people in my tree. Not bad, considering I only started off with two people to begin with!


2 thoughts on “Why I’m losing my mind

  1. This is amazing! There are a lot of people who don’t know where they come from, it’s amazing you’ve tracked such a big portion of your ancestry.

    • I’ve been very fortunate in finding clues–I literally just knew my Grandma’s maiden name, my Grandpa’s name and their respective hometowns when I started my research. Thanks to a genealogy researcher in Kerrville, old libraries, finding long-lost relatives, the Internet and Ancestry.com, in twelve years I’m up to almost 500 people in the tree. Sometimes it’s like following a trail of breadcrumbs, but it is definitely worth all the hard work!

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