Will this summer EVER end?

Okay, I had to post that little whine, just because I’m so sick and tired of this heat! We’ve been fortunate that both central AC units are relatively new–neighbors right and left have been having repairmen come out and/or new units put in. A halfway decent central AC/furnace combo runs a “cheap” $4000 to an expensive $10,000, depending on the brand, for about a 3.5 to 4 ton unit. You know things are bad when people start replacing those things, but the constant heat at 100+ days will kill a unit that’s not up to par.

Speaking of heat killing stuff, there’s the garden. Yeah, it’s hanging in by its fingernails…well, all except for Katherine’s. Her garden is kicking butt! Huge cantaloupes, personal sized watermelons, sugar pumpkins, zinnias of all colors, 4 o’clocks, marigolds, catnip–I’d be impressed in normal weather, but with this heat wave and it doing so well? I still say there are a bunch of gardening fairies out there working overtime since it’s her first garden and nothing encourages a green thumb like having great results. I may have her plant my garden this next time around!

I’m trying to get my schedule back on track. I juggled around my days off to take that little beach trip, and I took Tuesday night off since it was our eleventh wedding anniversary. Katherine spent the night with her aunt while Bill and I had dinner at the Ounce Steakhouse. It’s a little on the pricey side, but for a special occasion it’s definitely worth it. Best steaks hands down from anywhere we’ve tried, including Ruth’s Chris, service is great, atmosphere very romantic. Hubby had flowers delivered earlier in the day from the same florist friend who had done our wedding flowers–a sweet way to start reminiscing about our wedding and the years we’ve been together. We had a wonderful day and evening, but now I’m trying to get my days back on track. Next week things will be back to normal, so all will be well by then.

I’ve been doing a little writing, working that in around the genealogy research. By being tenacious and visually going through the scanned-in records, I’ve been able to find a lot of census records for various relatives that weren’t showing up in the search index, just for the simple fact they were either misspelled by the original census taker, or the person who added the name to the index transcribed it incorrectly. I find the records, add them to the appropriate pages in my tree and add notations to the index so the records will show up correctly in future searches done by other people. Just when I think I’m at a stopping point, I’ll find another relative, or an entire family, and end up adding them in. With Ancestry’s neat feature, it only takes one click to find out the relation of that person to you, instead of trying to trace it all the way back manually. I found a name last night, found their parents, and with a click identified them as a 1st cousin 4 times removed, so into the tree they went.

I’m also visually scanning old newspapers from 1920s to 1940s, since their index is even less accurate. I remember Grandma had a picture of her and a couple of her sisters she cut out from the newspaper–they were all dressed up, in downtown San Antonio for lunch and shopping. A reporter for one of the newspapers saw them coming down the sidewalk and took their picture. I can’t remember the exact date, but I’m thinking it was from the late 1930s. Since they have the papers online, except for a few dates here and there, I figured I’d flip through and see if I could find it. Yes, I’m that hardheaded that I’d go through years of papers. Besides, it’s really cool to see the headlines and articles from pre-WWII, leading up to that time, recipes, gardening tips, comics, advertisements, etc. Who would have ever thought I’d be sitting with a cup of coffee in 2011, reading the paper from 1932?

So, as I wait out this horrendous heat, I’m occupying myself with indoor activities and dreaming of autumn. I might even take note of some of those gardening tips from the 1930s and 1940s when planning the fall garden this time around. Bet they never had a clue their gardening article would be used almost 80 years later!

Counting down the days till fall…


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