Took a little break

After the highs and lows of genealogy research as well as some bad health news regarding one of the last surviving siblings of my grandfather, it was time to get away. The boy had to work, so he stayed and watched over the house and cats while the little one, hubby and I packed our bags and drove down to Padre Island. The beach and water there are a lot nicer/cleaner than Corpus Christi Bay, so it’s worth the extra 45 minute drive to get there. Stayed at a little hotel across the street from the beach, so a short walk was all it took to enjoy the sand, sun and surf.

The first day there I stayed on the beach and let hubby and the kiddo enjoy the water, since I wanted to take some pictures and wasn’t going to leave the camera unattended. I did get my toes in the sand, though:


I wasn’t the only one:

The little one wasted no time in heading to the water–that’s 100% determination in her stride, lol!


It was a beautiful day–not burning hot, and the sky was a gorgeous blue:


The seagulls get real friendly when you feed them:

Hubby and the little one enjoyed the waves:


The view from our hotel room:


Of course, no trip to the island would be complete without a round of miniature golf:


golf course

The following day the electronics were left in the hotel room, and we all spent more than three hours playing in the surf, gathering seashells and the little one riding the waves with her boogie board. Thanks to sunblock we ended up with a healthy glow, versus some of the beachgoers who turned lobster red. Ouch!

Other than a once a day check of the emails and a quick cruise of the net to make sure nothing drastic was happening at home, we remained unplugged and just enjoyed some uninterrupted time being a family. And that was exactly what we needed.

Now it’s time to get back to work–oh joy. 🙂


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