Still plugging along

This summer (which feels like it’s been here FOREVER) is proving to be a scorcher. Most days have been hovering around 100 degrees or so, with very little relief in sight. The garden is still plugging along, albeit much slower than it was in the early spring. Tomatoes are still producing, and I enjoyed something I hadn’t had since I was a little girl–a fresh tomato picked from the garden, sliced thick, placed between two slices of bread with mayo, salt and pepper. Normally I eat the tomatoes right off the vine, or put them in salads, sandwiches containing other things, etc. It had been a long time since I had a plain tomato sandwich, and boy was it good! Just like Grandma used to make. 🙂

The little one has had success with her garden, all grown from seed, and some of the results can be viewed below:

Her first cantaloupe

The little one's first cantaloupe

Some zinnias:




Miniature watermelon:


Some catnip for the kitties:


Pink four o’clocks:


Some yellow/orange ones, too:


A few marigolds popped up:


The other gardens are producing, too. Here’s a bell pepper:


From June 22nd:


June 26th:


And lastly, here are a few pics of a squirrel down in the flower bed and on the bird feeder by the front door.


I stepped out on the porch and leaned against the brick pillar to take this one.


He seemed intrigued by what I was doing, so I reached out with the camera toward him–no, there is no zoom used in this shot!


He had seen me out there filling the feeders before, so he’s not very skittish. I’m surprised he didn’t reach out and touch the camera, lol!

Things have been relatively quiet on this end, which is a good thing. I have some seeds for the fall garden that I’m going to start in styrofoam cups to get a jump start on things. Other than that, we’re just waiting out this ridiculous heat.

Hope everyone is staying comfortable, and happy digging!


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