Garden pics and others–update

Yes, I know, I know…I’ve been a very bad blogger lately, MIA for over a month. Things got busy in more ways than one, and there are a few of you out there who know exactly what I’m referring to. *Evil grin*. Let’s just say I’m enjoying hubby’s new shift and the ability to spend more quality time with him.

We’ve been working on the gardens. Yes, that’s plural. Hubby purchased an electric tiller and tilled up three more areas. Two of them we’ve amended the soil and are just letting that settle in for the fall/winter garden area, while the other one we planted with two kinds of watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, sweet potatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, bell peppers, okra and more tomatoes. So as it stands right now, I have three active growing gardens, and two that are being readied for planting later.

Here are some pics in chronological order of the garden and harvest so far:

April 18th cucumber:

Cucumber April 18th

Harvested tomatoes from April 23rd:

Tomatoes April 23rd

Morning glories from April 27th:

Morning glory bloom

Climbing the trellis

A pink morning glory:

Pink morning glory

A carrot bloom, making new seeds:

A carrot blooming

Squash April 27th:

Squash April 27th

A closer look

More squash

Sugar pie pumpkin April 27th:

Sugar pie pumpkin April 27th



A combo of cucumbers, snow peas, pumpkin, roses and tomatoes:

Cucumbers, snow peas, pumpkin, roses and tomatoes

Yellow pear heirloom tomatoes April 27th:

Yellow pear heirloom tomatoes April 27th

A ripe one hiding:

A ripe one hiding

A cherry and yellow pear:

Cherry and pear tomatoes April 27th

Windowsill herbs:

Windowsill herbs

Harvest on May 11th:

May 11th harvest

Harvest on May 16th–that’s a large mixing bowl full:

Harvest on May 16th in large mixing bowl

That was in addition to what was already in the windowsill:

May 16th in bowl, May 14th in window

How many are in that mixing bowl (not including the windowsill)? 13 large tomatoes, 16 cherry tomatoes and 44 yellow pear tomatoes:

May 16--13 large, 16 cherry, 44 yellow, 1 cucumber

Some great pizza toppings: Fresh basil, sliced yellow pear tomatoes and some Grana Padano italian cheese:

Pizza toppings

Harvest from May 20th: 54 yellow pears, 12 cherry and 5 large tomatoes, along with a sugar pie pumpkin and a squash:

May 20th--54 yellow, 12 cherry, 5 large, squash & pumpkin

Yes, that’s 71 tomatoes, NOT including the windowsill:

May 20th--71 tomatoes, not including windowsill

Harvest May 25th: 53 yellow pears, 7 cherry and 7 regular tomatoes, with a squash:

May 25th--53 yellow, 7 cherry, 7 regular, and squash

In case you were wondering, I only have 1 heirloom yellow pear tomato bush planted. Yes, all those yellow tomatoes are from one bush–that scrawny little runt that I planted back in February. It is now laying flat on the ground because of the weight of the tomatoes. There’s a tomato cage in the middle of it…somewhere.

And just to round out this post, here are a few pics of some other projects that went on in the last month:

Katherine portrayed Martha Washington in a school wax museum project. She researched and had to give a 3 to 5 minute oral presentation on Martha…memorized. The kids would come through and push a button like in a real wax museum, and she would give her presentation. This went on for an hour and a half. She did great, and got a 100 for her project. I made the skirt and the hat, purchased the petticoat that went underneath, and used safety pins to temporarily modify one of my tops for the costume:

Costume for Martha Washington

Martha Washington project

And we had a little fun on Easter with an Easter egg hunt:

Easter morning egg hunt

Looking for eggs

Even Fuzzkins found an egg:

Fuzzkins found an egg

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to get out there and take some pics of the melon patch, along with the baby cantaloupes that are busy growing. We’re busy adding a bunch of drip irrigation to battle the drought, attempting to conserve water and put it to the best use possible. Wish us luck–the temps already topped 100 on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Garden pics and others–update

    • It’s not done by any stretch of the imagination…Mother Nature just slowed me down for a few days and gave us a breather, lol! Oh, but what a way to go. :-p

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